Suren Cooke Agencies makes strides towards a cleaner Sri Lanka with an Ocean Clean-Up initiative

(LANKAPUVATH | COLOMBO) –  Suren Cooke Agencies, the pioneer in the Pest Management industry of Sri Lanka, in collaboration with the Sri Lanka Sub-Aqua Club (SLSAC) and Neptune’s Army of Rubbish Cleaners (NARC), recently conducted an ocean clean-up inMount Lavinia. The initiative, which aimed to carry out an effectiveocean clean up, will alsoempower financially vulnerable communities by creating employment opportunities, fulfilling the company’s long term green purpose.

Going a step further than conventional clean-up initiatives, divers who participated in the project collected waste from the ocean seabed. Together, the team on site was able to recover 180 kg of ghost fishing nets that was entangled on various shipwreck. In addition to freeing marine life ensnared by this waste in the ocean, itis expected to be utilised in the production of packaging material for the company’s products.

Furthermore, Suren Cooke Agencies intends to work with local fishermen to encourage them to remove plastic on the beach, which will be purchased from them at a rate higher than the market average. Through such encouragement via this mutually beneficial initiative, the company is hopeful to leave a tangible impact on the community.

Speaking on this development, Sheran Cooke, Director of Suren Cooke Agencies, stated, “To make a lasting impact, we knew we had to go above and beyond when we planned this clean-up initiative. From divers who collected waste off the ocean floor to our valued foreign partner organisations, we are confident that these efforts will help safeguard Sri Lanka’s coastlines. Initiatives such as these help us to fulfil our purpose of staying green and ensuring that our work gives the highest Return on Green.”

Suren Cooke Agencies aims to leave behind a cleaner and safer Sri Lanka for future generations. The company’s long-term agenda supports other green patriots via Earthly Warrior Awards and the Save Our Seas program, which helps local businesses reduce their dependence on plastic.

The company’s focus on educating the general public and communities about their work and how they can contribute to a greener Sri Lanka is a testament to their commitment to sustainability. By conducting such initiatives, Suren Cooke Agencies ensures that their purpose of leaving the planet a shade greener for future generations is achieved.





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