A special committee to supervise Local Government Institutions

(LANKAPUVATH | COLOMBO) – The committee for preparing a suitable mechanism for monitoring the activities of local government institutions met under the patronage of Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena at the Temple Trees on 04.03.2023.

The committee is consisted with the Governors, District Coordinating Committee Chairpersons, (including Ministers and Members of Parliament) Provincial Chief Secretaries and District Secretaries.

Since the term of office of local government institutions ended on 19th March, this committee was established on the advice of President Ranil Wickremesinghe to carry out their future functions. Decisions were taken on a whole range of issues to be implemented through this committee including the continuance of various projects implemented by the local government institutions, management of financial allocations of those institutions, supervision and maintenance of all related functions and many other matters were discussed.

Addressing the gathering the Prime Minister declared that the Governors and District Secretaries should amicably support this program without any hesitation.

He also stressed that people must be able to receive and maintain the services of the local government institutions without having faced any inconvenience.

Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena pointed out that “the country has recovered its progress steadily in the past six months. Financial crisis, recruitment circulars for new employees and many other issues are yet to be resolved. Due to the expiration of the time of the provincial councils and local government institutions, HE the President recommended to the Governors to merge with the closest units and carry out development activities. The President has appointed the Governors as co-Chairmen of each District Committee through a circular and a direct notification. The President expected that the ongoing development activities and the day-to-day services of the expired Local Government bodies will be carried forward by the committees appointed.

“You should follow these recommendations issued by HE the President regarding the Local Government institutions. According to the Constitution, you all take part in this event today as the President’s representative. District Secretaries and Divisional secretaries should understand this matter deeply. We have to continue this process. The farming community has already started that difficult journey. Excuses such as “a matter of circulars” are now outdated.


“A unit where the service is available during 24-hours will be established for every local government body to facilitate their implementation. Take measures to implement it as per the instructions of the Development Committee Chairman. The day-to-day activities of the institution should be carried out through this office.

“The chairpersons of provincial councils that were dissolved are now under your supervision with the benefits of their salary allowances until the re-appointment of the provincial council. You can also get their support. Emergency matters may have arisen during the implementation of these activities. In such cases, HE the President assigns urgent matters to District Development Committees. Governors and District Secretaries have to fulfill those responsibilities. If problems arise regarding financial allocations, they can be brought to the attention of the President and resolved.

“We want to make the welfare survey successful. We can increase the potential support we receive from the international community by its successful implementation”.

Governors, Ministers and Council members holding the chairmanship of District Coordination Committees , Ministry secretaries including Anura Dissanayake -Secretary to the Prime Minister, District Secretaries , Provincial Secretaries and other relevant officials were present at this event.

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