Introducing Health Gold Fortified Rice – a Revolutionary Breakthrough in Rice Fortification Technology

(LANKAPUVATH | COLOMBO) – LOLC Advanced Technologies, a fully-owned subsidiary of LOLC Holdings, together with Brown & Company PLC, has introduced a revolutionary rice fortification technology to the local market, which locks in nutrients, vitamins, and phytochemicals within the rice kernel. The technology is a ground-breaking achievement that addresses the major drawbacks of currently available technologies for this purpose, such as dusting/coating or the extrusion method.

Leveraging this breakthrough, LOLC Advanced Technologies has launched a range of unique, first-of-their-kind, Health Gold Fortified Rice (HGFR) products to the local market – manufactured with a patented technology that guarantees the distribution of vitamins and nutrients uniformly on each kernel of rice. Presently HGFR is available in variants such as Curcumin, Bacopa &Centella and Tea Catechin, with more to come in the future. Each product offers unique health benefits, and can help people better cope with certain medical conditions. HGFR with Curcumin, for instance, is designed to reduce cancer risk, while HGFR with Catechins helps improve heart health, and HGFR with Bacopa and Centella is formulated to enhance cognitive activities and reduce stress and anxiety.

Health Gold Fortified Rice offers consumers convenient 450g packs for each variety, and the products have been available since August 2022, but are only now being widely introduced to market, subsequent to obtaining international food safety and standard certifications. The range of Health Gold Fortified Rice products is being marketed and distributed by Brown and Company PLC, which holds a Heritage of Trust in Sri Lanka, and is now available at leading supermarkets, affordably priced at just under Rs. 300 for a 450g pack.

Explaining the significance of the achievement, CEO at LOLC Advanced Technologies, DaneshAbeyratne said, “This is a historic achievement for us as we make Health Gold Fortified Rice available to the market after extensive research and development, right here in Sri Lanka. Our technology and processes have been patented, certified and conform to global standards such as BRCGS, HACCP, ISO 2200, GMP and Non-GMO certifications, underscoring the ingenuity and innovativeness of Sri Lanka. We are very proud to say that this is a product that is 100% made in Sri Lanka, for Sri Lankans, using patented technology developed in Sri Lanka.”

What sets Health Gold Fortified Rice in a class of its own is its ability to fortify rice with nutrients in a way that will not fade during preparation and cooking. This way, Health Gold Fortified Rice is able to ensure that consumers get the goodness of these nutrients through rice, which is the staple diet in Sri Lanka, without compromising taste. This breakthrough holds great potential and could be a key step towards addressing dietary nutrient deficiencies in Sri Lanka.

Kapila Jayawardena – Group Managing Director – LOLC Group also commented saying, “The introduction of Health Gold Fortified Rice to the local market is a significant milestone for us. We believe that this product has the potential to transform Sri Lanka’s food industry and provide consumers with a healthier choice, while also having positive implications for rice fortification, globally, which could help Sri Lanka create and realize significant value for the national economy through this technology.”

The collaboration between LOLC Advanced Technologies and Brown & Company PLC brings an unparalleled level of trust and quality to Health Gold Fortified Rice products. Brown & Company PLC is a well-respected company with a Heritage of Trust in Sri Lanka, and this will help to assure consumers that they are getting a wholesome and high-quality product. Backed by extensive marketing and distribution expertise, Brown & Company PLC will also ensure that the Health Gold Fortified Rice products are widely available at leading supermarkets, making it easy for consumers to make a healthier choiceswithout needing to forgothe rice that they love.

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