Buddhism appreciates religious harmony with human kindness – Opposition Leader

(LANKAPUVATH | COLOMBO) –I wish a noble day of celebrating the three grand events of the Buddhas’ life for all Buddhists in Sri Lanka and all over the world, Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa said in his Vesak Day message.

The celebration of the three major events of the birth, full enlightenment and passing away of the Buddha is known as the grandest event of Buddhism marked by Buddhists all over the world. “It is the Buddha who bequeathed to us the invincible philosophy ever established in the world. The teachings the Buddha preached after realizing the absolute truth in the universe proves day by day nothing but his dharma is an everlasting teaching.

“Buddhism always preaches the practical steps to be followed to develop the transcendental life based on the development of physical life and, therefore, Buddhism is a very meaningful and advanced way of life.

Answering the query about the nature of Buddhism, the Buddha says:
“The one who perceives my teachings sees me
And the one who sees me perceives my teachings”.
The teachings of the Buddha are fully compassionate teachings designed to be applicable to each and every living being in the world.

True followers of Buddhism are the people inspired by a pure teaching which guides the harmonious practice of entire human kind, appreciating religious harmony with human kindness.

“Therefore, let us celebrate these three grand events of the life of the Buddha as principled citizens of this land who are following the path of one of the noblest teachings in the world, with immense compassion towards all living beings in the world,”the Opposition Leader said in his message.

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