Debt restructuring is done in a fair and transparent manner

(LANKAPUVATH | COLOMBO) – State Minister of Finance Shehan Semasinghe states that the debt restructuring process will be carried out in a completely transparent manner. He said this while commenting on the haphazard statements made by various political representatives.

“Various politicians are making statements politicizing debt restructuring at a time whenthe country is resurrecting from a collapsed economy and the overall economy is stabilizing. But it is emphasized that there is no truth or basis in these statements. After discussions with the bilateral creditors, the final decision on how the debt restructuring process should take place will be announced as soon as the government informs the people about the decisions taken so far.It must be said that the parties who do not take part in the economic stabilization process, make such statements with some hidden motive, and people should always be aware of such statements. Also, the government confirms again that the decision on this debt restructuring process will be taken transparently and a fair basis.”

The State Ministercommenting further said: “We have now understood the factors that contributed to the collapse of the country’s economy. Neither the President nor the Government will take any decision that will lead the country to such an economic crisis again.”

The State Minister further stated that when the country’s economy is stabilizing, it is unacceptable for responsible public representatives to make such haphazard statements.

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