Arrangements have been made to correct any lapses in the provision of welfare benefits

(LANKAPUVATH | COLOMBO) – State Minister of Finance Shehan Semasinghe mentions that if any qualified party is not included in the provision of welfare benefits, it will be allowed to be rectified.

The State Minister of Finance mentioned this while chairing a discussion held at the Ministry of Finance with the public representatives of the plantations industry workers and people in estates, the former Minister MP. Mano Ganesan, , MP. Vadiwel Suresh and MP.Dr.V.Radhakrishnan in relation to the method applied in the welfare benefit provision as well as in providing facilities for the people of the plantations who could not apply.

After the debate in the Parliament regarding the legal regulations for granting Samurdhi allowances, arrangements have been made to pay Samurdhi benefits through a transparent selection system according to the amendments which were approved in the parliament without polling.

“This program must be transparent. There may be some shortcomings in this initial phase since the beginning. Focusing on the beneficiary, the deficiencies will be fixed and dealt with in the second phase. I am thankful to all of you for participating in this discussion regardless of party or opposition, and for pointing out the issues that have not been raised.” The State Minister added.

The participated Members of Parliament, presented the issues thatare faced by the people in the estate areas. Former Minister and MP Mano Ganesan, commenting on, appreciated the platform created by the State Minister of Finance to discuss the issues faced by the plantation people and the solutions for the issues in the provision of welfare benefits.

It was also decided to provide information related to the isolated plantation areas where issues have occurred in the collection of information. The State Minister M.PJeevanThondaman had also presented a report containing significant facts in this discussion.

The State Minister of Finance also mentioned that during the update of the beneficiary list which is to take place after July, the plantation people who could not apply will also be given the opportunity to apply again.

The State Minister of Finance further stated that the people will be informed about the duration and method for that in future through the district secretaries and divisional secretaries.

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