Power and Energy Minister explains reduction in electrify rates

(LANKAPUVATH | C OLOMBO) – Power and Energy Minister Mr. Kanchana Wijesekera said that the electricity bill will be reduced by 23% for domestic customers, 23% for religious places and 43% for hotels.

The Minister said in Parliament yesterday (24) that this revision will be implemented from July 1st.

Accordingly, the existing unit price has been reduced by 5 rupees for the category of 0-30 units.

The minister said the new revision has proposed to make the unit price 25 rupees for the 0-30 units category.

The minister also said that it was proposed to reduce the fixed fee from Rs. 400 to Rs. 250.

Accordingly, the minister said that a minimum 23% discount has been given to the first category for the electricity bill and mentioned that there are 1744,000 families who will get the discount.

Also, the electricity bill will be reduced by 9% for units 31-60 and 7% for units 0-60.

The minister also said that the electricity bill for 15,646 religious institutions using 0-30 units will be reduced by 23% in July, and has proposed to lower the electricity bill by 7% for 10,692 religious places using 31-60 units.

It has been proposed to reduce the electricity bill between 29%-40% for the hotel category, the Minister added.


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