A conference with international Buddhists in South Korea

(LANKAPUVATH | COLOMBO) – South Korea’s largest international Buddhist conference will be held on 11th of June. The theme of the conference is “Sadaham Ama Wessa” – 2023”.

The International Buddhist Conference will take place under two phases. Under the first phase, South Korea’s first and only “Theravada Upasampada Vinaya Seema Malakaya” will be installed at the Korea-Sri Lanka Maha Viharaya on June 9th. It will be presided under the leadership of Mahanayaka Thero of the Sri Lankan Ramanya Maha Nikaya.

The second leg will be held on Sunday, June 11 at the Yu-1 University in South Korea. It includes many programs such as 500 young men and women taking part in Sil Campaign, a charming sermon by Mavarale Bhaddia Thero and Pindapatha Danaya to the hundred monks. It will be held with the participation of the great sanga leaders of Sri Lanka and Korea, and a large number of monks, lay men and women from home and abroad. The Korea-Sri Lanka Maha Viharaya, together with the South Korea’s International Buddhist Monks’ Association organizes the largest international Buddhist conference in South Korea. It is patronized by Thalgamuwe Dhammakitthi Nayaka Thero, the main Sangha Leader of South Korea and chief incumbent of the Korea-Sri Lanka Maha Vihara.

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