AMDT Festival of Creativity 2023 Unleashes & Showcases Power of Creativity in Sri Lanka

(LANKAPUVATH | COLOMBO) – The AMDT Festival of Creativity, presented by the AMDT School of Creativity, concluded recently, leaving a trail of inspiration, innovation and boundless creativity in its wake. This week-long celebration, held from June 4th to 13th, brought together industry experts, creative influencers, and budding creatives for an unparalleled opportunity to connect, learn, and showcase their immense talent.

Showcasing the vast potential of the creative arts in Sri Lanka, through three primary events, the AMDT Festival of Creativity kicked off with the highly anticipated AMDT Fashion Show on June 4th at Park Street Mews. The runway came alive as models showed-off exquisite designer clothing, curated by AMDT School of CreativityBA (Hons) Fashion Design students, leaving the audience in awe of their creativity and style.

Next on the agenda was the AMDT Showcase, held on June 10th at The Kingsbury Colombo and from June 11th to 13th at the AMDT School of Creativity. This grand exhibition presented the creative works and portfolios of the talented graduate students from the AMDT School of Creativity. Visitors were treated to an eclectic array of artwork, designs, and innovative concepts that exemplified the limitless potential of these emerging young creatives.

A key highlight of the AMDT Festival of Creativity was the thought-provoking talk shows and knowledge-sharing sessions, held from June 5th to 13th at the AMDT School of Creativity and The Kingsbury Colombo. Esteemed industry experts, leaders, and influencers were seen participating, sharing their knowledge, discussing current trends, and shedding light on the evolving landscape of the creative industry. The timely and in-depth discussions left the audience enlightened and inspired, providing valuable insights into the demands and expectations of the creative field, both from the creative and business aspects.

The success of the AMDT Festival of Creativity would not have been possible without the support and partnership of its valuable supporters and partners. The event was proudly presented by AMDT School of Creativity along with creative partnerdottsnpixels, the outdoor digital media expertise of Emerging Media, the beauty and styling prowess of Mosh, the melodic tunes of Kiss FM as the radio partner, the hair care expertise of Revlon, and the amazing coffee provided by Barista.

The festival’s spectacular conclusion, AMDT Showcase had the privilege of hosting Shalin Balasuriya, Co-Founder & Group Director at Spa Ceylon, as the esteemed Chief Guest. Mr. Balasuriya’s presence certainly added a touch of prestige to the event, and his words of wisdom resonated with the young creatives, helping to further cement their passion to pursue their dreams fearlessly.

Founded in 2005, by two visionary creative entrepreneurs, AMDT School of Creativity has been a driving force in shaping the future of young talent in Sri Lanka. With a commitment to providing education that meets global standards, AMDT School of Creativity has empowered its students to apply creativity in solving real-world problems for people, communities and brands. The school offers programs in a diverse range of creative disciplines, and grants degrees awarded by Falmouth University, the UK’s No.1 Arts University that is also ranked amongst the top 50 creative schools worldwide, and HND Qualifications awarded by Pearson UK, the globally recognized educational services provider.

The AMDT Festival of Creativity 2023 drew more than 1,700 attendees, including students, parents, employers and industry professionals. This gathering presented a remarkable opportunity for employers to identify and connect with talented and potential creatives possessing the skills, knowledge and expertise required for success. For students, the festival provided a valuable platform to learn new skills, techniques, and knowledge from experienced industry professionals while networking and connecting with potential employers and mentors. Industry professionals, too, greatly benefited from this series of events, forging meaningful connections, exploring opportunities for collaboration, and sharing knowledge and expertise with their peers.

Looking towards the future, the AMDT Festival of Creativity in 2024 promises to surpass all expectations and cement its status as an extraordinary celebration of Sri Lankans’ boundless imagination and unparalleled creative innovation. The AMDT School of Creativity, with its affiliation to Falmouth University and Pearson UK, continues to raise the bar for creative education in Sri Lanka. The School is more than just an educational institution, and has developed a reputation as a melting pot of creative geniuses that are striving to make their mark in their respective creative industries.

To learn more about AMDT School of Creativity, its educational programmes and upcoming events please visit www.amdt.lkor contact the admissions office via telephone on +94 114 381 981 or email at [email protected] for more information.

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