University of Wisconsin Parkside Launches B.Sc. Psychology degree completion in Sri Lanka at AIC Campus

(LANKAPUVATH | COLOMBO) – AIC Campus, the leading transnational higher education provider in Sri Lanka, is thrilled to deliver the University of Wisconsin-Parkside (UW-Parkside) B.Sc Psychology degree which is Sri Lanka’s only American Psychology degree. This Bachelor of Science in Psychology, a degree completion program, provides students in Sri Lanka the opportunity to earn a prestigious American degree without the need to travel overseas.

Merit and need based scholarships up to 45,000 USD for students

University of Wisconsin-Parkside (UW-Parkside) is happy to offer this B.Sc. Psychology program delivered exactly the same as it is done in the USA. Students will be offered scholarships up to 45,000 USD to complete this American Degree from Sri Lanka.

UW-Parkside, one of the thirteen public comprehensive universities in the University of Wisconsin System, is renowned for its commitment to high-quality educational programs and its dedication to serving diverse student populations. With accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission (HLC), UW-Parkside ensures that students receive a comprehensive and empowering university education that is recognized internationally.

The B.Sc. Psychology program delves into the scientific study of behavior and mental processes, providing students with a comprehensive understanding of the human mind and human behavior.
Graduates will gain valuable skills in writing, research, and analysis, preparing them for a wide range of Psychology career paths such as Clinical, Counseling, Child, Adolescent, Family, Educational, Health, and Neuroscience. Also students have the opportunity to join other career opportunities such as law enforcement, corrections, human resources, marketing, advertising, nonprofit agencies, and research.

Furthermore, the program equips students with the necessary foundation to pursue postgraduate studies in fields such as counseling, psychology, education, law, medicine, and business.
The benefits of enrolling in the B.Sc. Psychology degree at AIC Campus are numerous. Students can complete the degree in just three years, thanks to the program’s efficient structure. Since UW Parkside is recognized by UGC Sri Lanka students have excellent career and higher education opportunities in Sri
Lanka. A/Level students can commence the degree program from year 1 onwards while those with preexisting qualifications can join the program as transfer students and receive credit / course exemptions.

Due to the flexible nature of the program students can undertake studies in one of AIC Campus physical locations in Colombo, Kandy, Jaffna, and Kurunegala. Also students who are working, or based overseas could select the hybrid or distant education options.

One of the key advantages of this program is its flexibility, catering to the needs of busy adults who are juggling work, family, and other commitments. Additionally, students with geographical limitations can now pursue their degree without the need for physical relocation.

The UW Parkside B.Sc. Psychology degree curriculum is the most comprehensive in Sri Lanka. The focus on general education ensures that graduates have all-round skills and problem solving abilities which are essential. The seven core and breadth courses, along with six upper-level depth and elective Psychology courses, providing a well-rounded and specialized education in the field of mental health.

AIC Campus is proud to expand its offerings to include this exclusive American Psychology degree in Sri Lanka, in collaboration with the University of Wisconsin-Parkside. With its commitment to providing affordable, high-quality education, AIC Campus continues to bring the world’s most recognized universities to Sri Lanka, empowering students to achieve their academic and professional goals.

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