AIA Insurance’s ISO 14064 -1:2018 Greenhouse Gas Emissions Certification is much more than just a recognition

(LANKAPUVATH | COLOMBO) – AIA Insurance is proud to announce itsISO 14064 -1:2018 Greenhouse Gas Emissions certification, in yet another manifestation of its commitment to helping people live healthier, longer, better lives. This is a globally respected certification that recognizes the company’s commitment to sustainability and its efforts to reduce its carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions. Known to uphold the highest international standards and follow a rigorous qualification process, this certification is awarded to companies that demonstrate their ability to measure and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions,while ensuring effective engagement in this regard across the entire organisation.

AIA Insurance has gone through a rigorous process to obtain this Greenhouse Gas Emissions verification. The company has implemented several initiatives to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions, including the adoption of paperless services, energy-efficient lighting and equipment, and the use of renewable energy sources.

“We are proud to have achieved the ISO 14064-1:2018 Greenhouse Gas Emissions certification, which is a testament to our commitment to sustainability and our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint,” said Chathuri Munaweera, CEO AIA Insurance. “As a company that truly cares about not only the present but also the future of our planet, we want to make sure we do everything in our capacity to protect and preserve the world we live in. That is whywe will continue to implement sustainable practices to reduce our environmental impact and help create a healthier, greener, better future for all.”

She added, “Our understanding is that it may not be typicalfor companies in the finance industry to pursue such environmental certifications. For AIA nevertheless, it was a priority because it was testament to our purpose, our promise – ofhelping people live healthier, longer, better lives. And that is why, this is much more than just a recognition for us”.

This achievement is an important milestone in the company’s sustainability journeyand demonstrates its commitment to promoting sustainable practices across the insurance industry.

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