SLT-MOBITEL unveils first ever Sri Lankandigital platform ‘’ to transact imagesdisplaying photographic talent

(LANKAPUVATH | COLOMBO) – Elevating Sri Lankan photographers, showcasing their talent and providing users unique,amazing local content, SLT-MOBITEL have unveiled, the country’s first ever digital platform ‘’to transact images with convenience. This endeavour is yet another digital step towards to strengthen the country’s digital infrastructure.

Even though there are many foreign stock images buying and selling websites they have been quite in distant in some aspect. However, many talented local or global photographers are unable to display their portfolio or earn an income from their artistry. Furthermore, users seeking local stock imagery must rely on international sites which is costly.

Catering to this vital need, the new digital platform powered by SLT-MOBITEL as a forest full of visuals, is proudly launched as the first ever stock images e-commerce site to buy and sell stunning Sri Lankan photographs. However, not limiting only to domestic photographers the is planning to grantroom to foreigners as well. The website is built tointernational standards and has a user-friendly format toensure it is accessible to as many people as possible.

The website creates a dynamic marketplace where both sellers can showcase their talent and buyers purchase the extraordinary south Indian regional flavoured images.Free and premium stock photos fromphotographers are showcased. These individuals can promote and sell their unique work through the website, reaching a broader audience and potentially expanding their client base.The platform also serves those who are seeking to purchase breath-takinglocal photos plus South Indian regional photos.

Referral sellers too can earn through recommendationsproviding an opportunity for individuals or businesses to earn through referrals.

Additionally, the platform is ideal for individuals looking for compelling and a diverse range of visuals for their various needs, catering to the requirements of photographers, illustrators, designers, presenters, photo collectors, etc., to engage with their audiences effectively.

Photographs can be selected according to a multitude of 27 categories, ranging from animals, entertainment, food and drinks, nature, landscapes, people, architecture, etc.

The listed categories are available in several formats such as images and illustrations. The websiteaims to launch 3D images and vector illustrations options in the future.

This will be more elevated adding different promoting features like trending photos, most downloaded photo, most reputed photographer and gossip pack to make it trendier rather than any other existing in international stock images industry.

Moreover, individuals who have previously conducted image purchases using US dollars from international platforms now have the convenience of buying or selling images solely using Sri Lankan Rupees (LKR) through the new website. This feature eliminates the need for currency conversion and simplifies the transaction process, making it more accessible and user-friendly for those within the Sri Lankan market.

Images can be bought using local currency and prices start from as low as LKR 1000. Accommodating different users, the website offers a hassle-free subscription service with a friendly automated assistance through a chat box and email.

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