Measures taken to prevent vandalism at Colombo Lotus Tower will also help educate public

(LANKAPUVATH | COLOMBO) –  The Colombo Lotus Tower Pvt. Ltd. has taken measures to establish educational viewing points at the tower’s observation deck, as a proactive measure to also prevent incidents of vandalism.

The educational content displayed at the viewing points shows information including the location, directions and distance to some of Colombo’s iconic locales, which are visible from the top of the tower.

Furthermore, this assists the visitors to be self-educated on which points they are looking at from the top of the tower, while promoting Colombo’s iconic locales.

An official of the Colombo Lotus Tower Pvt. Ltd. mentioned that assistance was obtained from Police Special Task Force (STF) in order to identify the exact directions and location of the relevant locations.

Some of the detailed sceneries displayed on the viewing point include the Colombo National Museum, Colombo Dockyard, Viharamahadevi Park, R. Premadasa International Stadium, Kolonnawa and Muthurajawela Oil Terminals and etc.

In several flagrant displays of disregard for warnings, multiple incidents of vandalism and property damage by visitors were reported at the Colombo Lotus Tower recently.

However, the officials who mention that a huge maintenance cost has been incurred as some people who visit the property continue to deface it by scribbling or carving out names or initials on it, also emphasize that it is the responsibility of the people to refrain from acts of vandalism and to protect this property built with public money.

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