Consortium of WindForce PLC, Lakdhanavi Ltd, and The Blue Circle Pte Ltd’s Groundbreaking Renewable Energy Venture

(LANKAPUVATH | COLOMBO) –  WindForce PLC – Sri Lanka’s leader in renewable energy, in partnership with Lakdhanavi – the leading Independent Power Producer (IPP) in Sri Lanka, and The Blue Circle – a Singapore-based investment firm focused on renewable energy, has formed a consortium set to embark on a trans for mative power generation project that will reshape Sri Lanka’s renewable energy landscape. This ambitious project stands as the largest private-sector renewable energy initiative ever sanctioned by the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB), with an expected total direct investment of USD 152 million, and project completion by December 2025. The project is also Sri Lanka’s first integrated renewable energy project, combining power generation, storage, and Transmission.

Accordingly, solidifying WindForce’s position as a driving force within Sri Lanka’s renewable energy sector, the project will be delivered as an all-inclusive package, encompassing a 100MW Solar Power Plant, a cutting-edge 12MWh Battery Energy Storage System (BESS), a 2×63.5MVA, 132/33kV Grid Substation, and an extensive 27km, 132/33kV Transmission Line. This holistic approach seamlessly combines a renewable energy plant, storage system,grid substation, and transmission lines.It showcases a harmonized approach to sustainable energy infrastructure that is unprecedented in Sri Lanka, with it being the first-ever to feature an integrated BESS. Once complete, the landmark project will boost Sri Lanka’s clean energy capacity and stand as arevolutionary step forward in enhancing grid stability and optimizing energy distribution on the Island.

This landmark project will contribute an impressive 100 MW of clean and sustainable energy to the national grid, propelling Sri Lanka closer to its goal of meeting 70% of its electricity demand through renewable sources by 2030. Notably, the initiative also has a positive impact on local communities, offering job opportunities during both the construction and operational phases. During construction, the project will provide employment for approximately 500 unskilled workers, with ongoing opportunities for 50 unskilled workers post-commissioning, in the Monaragala District.

Discussing this truly groundbreaking initiative, Manjula Perera – CEO at WindForce PLC said, “We are immensely proud to spearhead this monumental project alongside our esteemed partners. This venture not only showcases our commitment to sustainable growth but also underscores our dedication to pioneering innovative solutions within the renewable energy sector. The amalgamation of cutting-edge technologies and holistic infrastructure underscores our unwavering determination to drive positive change and contribute to Sri Lanka’s sustainable future. We look forward to bolstering Sri Lanka’s energy security through clean and reliable energy, upon completion of the project.”

Its unwavering commitment to innovation, sustainable growth, and technological advancement has positioned WindForce as the largest (IPP) in the Renewable Energy sector in Sri Lanka. Founded in 2010, WindForce embarked on a journey that has culminated in the commissioning of 30 clean power plants with a total installed capacity of 245.1 MW, 60% of which resides within Sri Lanka, with the rest distributed across Uganda, Pakistan, and Ukraine. This new venture will enhanceWindForce’s installed capacity by nearly 30%, cementing its position as Sri Lanka’s leader in sustainable energy.

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