Deegawapiya Stupa Omniscient Sacred Relics and Crest-Gem exposition across the island for public veneration

(LANKAPUVATH | COLOMBO) – Religious observances to the Omniscient Sacred Relics and Crest-Gem of Deegawapiya Stupa is scheduled to be conducted at Kelani Raja MahaVihara at 04.00 p.m. on 29 August with the blessing of the MahaSangha.

The exposition of the Sacred articles of the Stupa will begin at Kelani Raja MahaVihara and the devotees are facilitated to pay their homage to them during the period from 30 August to 03 September. Subsequently, the island-wide procession carrying the Sacred relics will proceed on its 150 day journey over the island enabling devotees to offer worship to the sacred relics.

Deegawapiya, graced by the Lord Buddha is renowned as one of the sacred ancient religious sites among the sixteen places of worship of the Buddhist devotees. Deegawapiya Stupa was built by King Saddhatissa by enshrining precious ‘Nail Relics’ of Lord Buddha.

The Stupa and the premises have been damaged due to various invasions in the past. The restoration works are currently underway to bring it back to its former glory.

During the renovation work of Deegawapiya, the Omniscient Sacred Relics were stored in 04 golden caskets in a stone closet found near the southern flower seat. These Sacred Relics are going to be showcased for public veneration.

These Relics are the Omniscient Relics of the Lord Buddha and the Arhats. The notes made on a gold leaf found at the time of the discovery of the relics revealed that King Kanittatissa who reigned in the past had made and treasured these relics.

Devotees are invited to witness and worship the Omniscient Sacred Relics and Crest-Gem of the Deegawapiya Stupa.

Devotees have the opportunity to support this meritorious act in the way of making financial contributions towards the restoration project.

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