A UNDP survey says 12.3 million of the population faces multidimensional vulnerability due to current economic crisis

(LANKAPUVATH | COLOMBO) – The United Nations Development Fund says that 12.3 million of Sri Lanka’s population is facing a multidimensional vulnerability due to the current economic crisis.

Of these, 10.13 million are the people living in the northern, eastern and north-central provinces. Such a large proportion of the population is facing multi-dimensional vulnerability because the economic crisis, coupled with the low level of education, debt burden and inability to cope with emergencies, have gone hand in hand.

This has been revealed in a survey conducted by the United Nations Development Fund and Oxford’s Poverty and Human Development Initiative (OPHI).

It is reported that they have conducted the relevant survey using twenty five thousand family units.

Household debt tops the multidimensional risk index.

Accordingly, 33.4% of the population borrows to meet the family’s food needs.

In addition, they are tempted to mortgage their gold for things like medical treatment and education.

Also, the relevant survey revealed that 48.8% of the population is unable to face an emergency situation.

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