Empowering Sri Lankan SMEs with Export Expertise: Seylan Bank offers comprehensive support services and knowledge sharing

(LANKAPUVATH | COLOMBO) – Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) have been one of the main contributors to the national economy. As a bank that is committed to unlocking potential, Seylan Bank recognized the opportunity that SMEs have to capitalize in the export market. Acting on this insight, Seylan Bank has been continuously enabling a range of SMEs to grow beyond the boundaries of the local market.

With its groundbreaking ‘Export Expert’ service, a transformative initiative that underlines the bank’s support towards SMEs and exporters, especially in the face of pandemic-induced challenges and economic uncertainties, Seylan Bank is further empowering the sector.

‘Export Expert’ offers a comprehensive and simplified financial solutions tailored to the unique needs of export trade. In a time when Sri Lanka’s government is actively promoting exports to strengthen the economy, this innovative service equips exporters with the knowledge and tools they need to confidently step onto the global stage.

Recognizing the intricate challenges exporters face when navigating international trade, Seylan Bank provides a suite of specialised financial solutions. These range from expert guidance on export documentation, documentary credits with confirmation services, and pre-andpost-shipment facilities. This holistic support simplifies cross-border transactions, reducing risks, instilling confidence, and empowering SMEs to seize global opportunities.

One of the Export Expert service’s most significant advantages is its role in enhancing the competitiveness of Sri Lankan products globally. Seylan Bank’s competitive pricing of facilities enable SMEs to offer their goods at attractive prices, granting them a distinct edge in international trade. Furthermore, the availability of attractive loan facilities with competitive interest and exchange rates encourages SMEs to invest boldly in their export endeavours, fostering growth and innovation.

Dilan Wijegoonawardena, Assistant General Manager – International at Seylan Bank PLC, stated, “Our unwavering commitment at Seylan Bank lies in propelling the triumph of Sri Lankan SMEs on the global stage. Through our Export Expert service, we provide indispensable support, expert guidance, and tailored financial solutions. We enable our export customers to thrive amidst international opportunities. Seylan Bank promises to be the mentor required by export-oriented businesses, and we are confident that our efforts will contribute to Sri Lanka’s economy at large.”

Seylan Bank’s expansive global network, spanning over 500 banks across 100 countries, provides the means to establish robust global trade relationships. This extensive reach empowers SMEs to broaden their horizons and explore new markets with confidence. Moreover, the accessibility of Export Expert services at over 170 Seylan Bank branches across the country ensures a seamless and convenient process, enabling SMEs to tap into international opportunities without unnecessary hurdles.

In an era marked by economic shifts and uncertainties, Seylan Bank’s Export Expert service has emerged as a beacon of support for businesses seeking to thrive in the global export landscape. With tailor-made financial solutions, enhanced competitiveness, a far-reaching global network, and a faster turnaround time, Seylan Bank empowers Sri Lankans to break barriers and capture international markets. As Seylan Bank continues to champion the cause of our export sector, these enterprises stand poised to drive Sri Lanka’s export growth and contribute to the nation’s economic resilience and prosperity.

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