CFW and Italian Embassy Host Italy Awards for Emerging Designers in Sri Lanka

(LANKAPUVATH | COLOMBO) – Colombo Fashion Week (CFW) under the banner of its Accelerate programme partnered with the Italian Embassy in Sri Lanka to host the prestigious Italy Awards for Emerging Designers, recognizing emerging talent.

The ceremony was held at Villa Roma, Colombo, and celebrated the promising future of Sri Lankan fashion. The collaboration between CFW and the Italian Embassy reflects the significance of the Italy Award, and highlights CFW’scommitment to nurturing and promoting emerging talent. CFW Accelerate empowers aspiring designers by offering mentorship, guidance and a comprehensive support system.

This year, Devapriya Halwala and Aysha Faizer were honouredat the Italy Awards for Emerging Designers, in recognition of their remarkable collections. The Italy Award symbolizes the evolution and bright future of Sri Lankan fashion and supports sustainable fashion practices in the region.

This partnership underscores the global influence of Italy in the region’s fashion industry and the importance of recognizing and nurturing emerging talent in Sri Lanka. CFW’s commitment to empowering new designers through mentorship and funding opportunities has paved the way for innovative ideas and a sustainable fashion industry. The Italy Awards, a product of this enduring collaboration, serves as a testament to the evolving landscape of Sri Lankan fashion, championing creativity and promoting sustainable fashion principles across the region.

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