Seylan Bank enables Sri Lanka’s first ‘Signfluencer’

(LANKAPUVATH | COLOMBO) – Seylan Bank introduced Sri Lanka’s first ‘Signfluencer’with the aim to advocate recognition for sign language and support the user community by creating an opportunity to unlock their potential in the social media platforms.

Seylan Bank’sSignfluencer campaign creates a spotlight on the need to acknowledge the hearing-impaired community and provide effective communication channels to understand their requirements.In addition to better serve this important community, Seylan Bank aims to ensure banking is more inclusive,removing barriers to financial access and participation,while bringing about positive change in their lives.

A study from the Ministry of Health indicates that 9% of Sri Lanka’s population,equivalentto 1.9 million,or 1 in 55 people, suffer from some form of hearing disorder[1].While sign language is integral for deaf persons to communicate, individuals with hearing disabilities in Sri Lanka have faced challenges to fully engage in wider society. Thus, the need arises to enhance public awareness and promote greater integration and opportunity for all.

Unknown to many, Sri Lanka has its own distinctive sign language, which plays a crucial role in the daily lives of the hearing-impaired community as their primary means of communication.However, in society today, the most common modes of communication are limited to traditional methods, such as verbal and written formats, resulting in a significant communication gap for people with hearing impairments.

“Creating inclusive platforms that will enable our customers and communities to unleash their potential, is an underlying ethos in everything we do at Seylan Bank. As an institution focused on enabling individuals and diverse communities, Seylan Bank believes in developing innovative solutions, empowering people of all backgrounds, skills, and capacities, building trust and connections to support the nation progress collectively. Understanding and giving value to each other’s realities plays an important role in driving this mindset,” stated Asiri Abhayaratne, Assistant General Manager Marketing and Sales of Seylan Bank.

Launching the campaign, Seylan Bank introduced Nikita, Sri Lanka’s first ‘Signfluencer.Nikita advocates raising awareness of sign language as an official language and aims to eliminate isolation among the hearing-impaired community, fostering inclusivity in people’s hearts.

As the initial stage in raising awareness and promoting recognition for this community among society, Seylan Bank invited everyone to connect with Nikita by sending a direct message (DM) via any private or public Instagram profile and learn how to sign their name in sign language. The Bank also requests individuals to share videos of themselves signing names in sign language. Seylan Bank firmly believes that the simplest act of introducing oneself by using sign languagecan significantly increaseawareness for the cause.

Seylan Bank as an enabler is committed to expanding its efforts beyond this campaign, with plans to conduct financial literacy programs and product briefings using sign language, further enhancing its reputation as an inclusive bank that truly has a heart for all.

As a brand, Seylan Bank continuously serves as a catalyst for positive change. Similarto its internationally recognised,award winning National Daycampaign which successfully united communities using the National Anthem, Seylan Bank’s dedication to empowerment through awareness and education is a defining feature.

The Bank’s series of transformative initiatives have been successful in creating a positive impact on diverse segments of society, including children through its Tikiri savings program, services tailored for Small and Medium Enterprises, support for tea smallholders, and its Export Expert services. These initiatives are specifically designed to support various community groups.By addressing their unique needs and challenges, the Bank empowers individuals, businesses, and communities, ultimately contributing to the holistic development and prosperity of the nation.


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