Sanasa proudly holds its National Conference

(LANKAPUVATH | COLOMBO) –The inaugural programme of the three-year plans pertaining to the national programme to develop 5,000 villages through the development of 1,250 Sanasa Societies under the theme of ‘Reduce Costs – Increase Revenues’, conceived by Sanasa Leader, Vishwa Prasadini, Dr. P.A. Kiriwandeniya (Sanasa National Conference) was recently at the Sugathadasa Indoor Stadium. President Ranil Wickremesinghe, Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa, former President Maithripala Sirisena, and several Ministers and Parliamentarians participated in the event.

During the National Conference, the next three-year action plan of the programme to develop 5,000 villages through the development of 1,250 Sanasa Societies initiated two years ago by Dr. Kiriwandeniya was presented to 6,000 Sanasa leaders in 25 Districts, thereby covering all nine provinces. Through this programme, plans are afoot to launch 10,000 development projects in 5,000 villages and to strengthen the economy of more than 300,000 families by creating 50,000 direct and indirect employment opportunities across the island. Hundreds of Sanasa Society leaders from all parts of the country participated in the event.

“There are four parties that are responsible for developing the country, namely politicians, Government officials, the private sector and the public. These four parties should humbly fulfill their respective duties. When the Sanasa movement was established, we went from village to village, procured the initial capital, and started banks. The common man should also be given an opportunity. They are capable of immensely contributing to the development of the country.” said Dr. Kiriwandeniya.

The Sanasa Movement has made a significant contribution to uplift the lives of the rural people of the country by creating employment opportunities for the country’s youth under one brand. Towards that end, Dr. Kiriwandeniya has gifted several organisations such as the Sanasa General Association, Sanasa Life Insurance, Sanasa General Insurance, Sanasa Campus, Sanasa Green Mart, Sanasa Media Network, Sanasa Uththamavi Company, Sanasa Engineering and Construction Company, and Sanasa Security Services Limited.


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