Anchor Newdale Launches Attractive Milk Pouch in Response to Consumer Preferences

(LANKAPUVATH | COLOMBO) – Anchor Newdale, one of Fonterra Brands Lanka’s flagship brands, recently launched a range of attractive and delicious ready-to-drink flavoured milk pouches. This exciting addition to Anchor Newdale’s product line upis a significant move to provide wider availability, affordability and superior taste.

Sri Lanka’s love for milk is evident, with over 11 million packs consumed each month, and Anchor Newdale is known in this market for its iconic aseptic paperboard packs(Tetra Pak). However, during Anchor Newdale’s regular consumer and market studies,it recognized a developingpreference for milk pouches. Thus, this move aims to fulfil the needs and preferences of customers.The popularity of milk pouchesis driven by their appeal to many Sri Lankans looking for widespread availability.

Understanding the needs of its consumers, Anchor Newdale’s Milk Pouches are positioned to provide an affordable and convenient option for consumers preservingthe exceptional taste that Anchor Newdale is renowned for.Furthermore, the new product line boasts innovative and appealing designs while offering the convenience of ambient temperature storage for upto 60 days, eliminating the need for refrigeration. This means wider availability across the retail spectrum from big supermarkets to the tiniest corner shops.


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