SLT-MOBITEL Champions 94th Battle of the Maroons as Platinum Sponsor

(LANKAPUVATH | COLOMBO) –  Reaffirming its commitment to elevating sports through the fusion of technology, SLT-MOBITEL, the National ICT Solutions Provider, proudly announced its support as the Platinum Sponsor for the highly anticipated 94th Battle of the Maroons, a historic cricketing encounter and among the most prestigious cricketing events in Sri Lanka’s sporting calendar. This legendary cricketing event is heralded as ‘The Game’ of the year as it brings together two leading cricketing prowess of Ananda College and Nalanda College in a display of talent, skill, and sportsmanship.

SLT-MOBITEL’s partnership with the 94th Battle of the Maroons underpins the company’s steadfast dedication to fostering sports and youth development across Sri Lanka. By partnering with this prestigious event, SLT-MOBITEL not only champions the spirit of cricket but also reaffirms its pivotal role in nurturing the nation’s emerging sporting talents.

Empowering the next generation of cricket enthusiasts, SLT-MOBITEL takes center stage by providing a dynamic platform for young cricketers to showcase their talents and unwavering passion for the game. This initiative stands as a crucial contribution towards fostering the sustained growth and development of national cricket in Sri Lanka. Through this commitment, SLT-MOBITEL not only connects with the pulse of the sport but also propels the aspirations of budding cricketers, paving the way for a brighter future in the realm of Sri Lankan cricket.

In a grand spectacle at the prestigious Kingsbury Hotel, SLT-MOBITEL proudly unveiled its sponsorship of the historic 94th Battle of the Maroons. The synergy between SLT-MOBITEL and Battle of the Maroons officials came to life as they ceremoniously exchanged the Memorandum of Understanding, marking the beginning of an extraordinary partnership. This pivotal press conference not only showcased the commitment of SLT-MOBITEL but also set the stage for an unparalleled connection.

The Battle of the Maroons holds a rich history as a cherished and highly anticipated event, symbolizing the brotherhood between Ananda and Nalanda. Since its inception in 1924, the annual cricketing encounter has not only strengthened relations between the two institutions but has also played an important role in nurturing cricketing talent and producing exceptional national cricketers.

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