Special Walk Held at Colombo Independence Square to Raise Awareness on Scoliosis Eradication

(LANKAPUVATH | COLOMBO) – A special ‘walk’ event unfolded at Colombo Independence Square yesterday (02) with a primary objective of enlightening the public about the making a scoliosis free Sri Lanka.

Organized by Serendib Group and Lanka E Doc Company, the event witnessed the participation of a multitude of individuals, including prominent figures from various fields. Dr. Niluka Welikala, President of both organizing entities, underscored the global necessity of creating awareness among parents regarding scoliosis in children which has a high incidence among adolescent girls in Sri Lanka.

Dr. Welikala emphasized that the dearth of awareness among parents has resulted in a diminished capacity to prevent the progression of the disease in children. Hence, she stressed the crucial role of educating parents about scoliosis. Among the notable participants were Dr. Panwila Ananda Thero, Head of Attanagalla Rajamaha Vihara, and Venerable Thiniyawala Palitha Thero. Justice Minister Vijayadasa Rajapaksa, Minister of State for Transport Lasantha Alagiyawanna, and Dr. Sajan K Hegde, Chief Spine Surgeon, Apollo Hospitals Dr Appaji Krishan Senior Spine Surgeon Apollo and Dr Ruwanthi Perara – Senior Consultant Paediatrician along with other Indian and Sri Lankan specialist doctors.

Dr. Niluka Welikala expressed gratitude for the support extended by Apollo Hospitals Group of India to the program and stated that the walkathon with nearly one thousand participants should be the worlds largest scoliosis awareness walkathon. Mr Jithu Jose , Vice President International Division of Apollo Hospitals proposed the vote the thanks.

The event served as a significant step forward in the collective effort to combat scoliosis and ensure a healthier future for the people of Sri Lanka.

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