Ogilvy Sri Lanka and Women in Need Unveil ‘Masterpiece of Abuse’ Art Installation for International Women’s Day

(LANKAPUVATH | COLOMBO) –  In a poignant tribute, Ogilvy Sri Lanka, in partnership with Women in Need (WIN), revealed ‘Masterpiece of Abuse’, an art installation, designed to raise awareness and support for survivors of abuse on International Women’s Day.

Crafted from local newspaper cuttings documenting instances of abuse and harassment against women, this forsaken art serves as a powerful symbol of the harsh realities faced by women. It stands in stark contrast to the celebratory and empowering messages that often dominate media platforms exclusively on Women’s Day.

The installation captures the essence of the pervasive issue of abuse experienced by women across the island. By depicting the harsh realities of survivors, it seeks to illuminate the often-overlooked struggles that persist, urging society to confront this pressing issue head-on.

Presented in collaboration with Women In Need, a prominent advocate in the fight against violence targeting women and girls in Sri Lanka, the ‘Masterpiece of Abuse’ is more than just an installation; it’s a testament to resilience and a call to action for communities to unite against the widespread problem of abuse.

This initiative not only commemorates International Women’s Day but also stands as a stark reminder that the fight for gender equality requires continuous vigilance and collective effort. The ‘Masterpiece of Abuse’ challenges society to confront uncomfortable truths, fostering dialogue and empathy in the quest for a safer, more equitable future for women across the nation.

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