Empowering Women: Fems HER Foundation collaborates with Barista to provide easy access to menstrual hygiene

(LANKAPUVATH | COLOMBO) –  In a collaborative effort to champion women’s empowerment, Fems, the sociallyresponsible feminine hygiene brand by Hemas Consumer Brands, through theFems HER Foundation, has joined forces with Barista, one of Sri Lanka’s largest café chains, to address the issue of menstrual hygiene management by installing sanitary napkin dispenser units with free sanitary napkins,across all Barista outlets.

Through impactful partnerships, the Fems HER Foundation aims to dismantle obstacles and create an environment where women and girls nationwide can thrive without limitations. Aligning with the ‘Empower’ pillar of the HER Foundation, the project with Barista aims to provide convenient access to sanitary napkins across Sri Lanka, ensuring that women and girls can maintain good hygiene practices with ease and are encouraged to continue their journeys unhindered, breaking down societal barriers.

Barista’s aim is to foster an environment of openness and understanding, where conversations about menstruation are normalized, and women feel comfortable seeking the support they need. By breaking down taboos surrounding menstruation, Barista hopes to contribute to a more inclusive and compassionate society. The units along with the napkins will be available free of charge in all Barista locations across the country.

“With the HER Foundation, an initiative by the Fems brand, we are committed to uplifting women’s education and access to feminine hygiene, and our partnership with Barista is a significant step towards achieving that goal,” said Shiyan Jayaweera, Marketing Director, Hemas Consumer Brands. “By ensuring convenient availability to sanitary napkins, we empower women to embrace their independence and move forward in their own unstoppable journey.”

The collaboration emphasizes the shared commitment to address menstrual hygiene challenges, promoting a worry-free menstruation experience and encouraging women to continue their daily activities without constraints. By creating an environment of understanding and support, the initiative empowers women in Sri Lanka with the confidence to reach their full potential.

Echoing the sentiment, Dilupa Pathirana, Director/ CEO, Barista stated, “Weare proud to collaborate with Fems HER Foundation on this important initiative. Our cafés aim to create inclusive spaces where women can feel comfortable and supported, and these dispenser units are a genuine representation of our commitment to their well-being.”

Recognizing that menstrual hygiene affects women and girls in various settings, the units will also continue tobe strategically placed in schools and corporate spaces in the future, empowering them to navigate their menstruationconvenientlyand without disruption.

For more information about the Fems HER Foundation, please visit: https://herfoundation.lk/

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