Seylan Bank commemorates 36th Anniversary by Expanding SeylanPahasara Initiative with Six New Librariesin Deserving Schools

(LANKAPUVATH | COLOMBO) –  Seylan Bank celebrated its 36th anniversary by reaching another milestone through its SeylanPahasara initiative. On March 25th and 26th, 2024, the bank inaugurated six new libraries at schools in need across Sri Lanka. This marks a significant step towards its ongoing commitment to nurturing young minds and fostering a culture of learning.

The newly opened libraries are situated at MoratuMahaViduhala in Moratuwa, MeesalaiVeerasingam Central College in Chavakachcheri, St. Anne’s Maha Vidyalaya in Daluwakotuwa, Ameen Maha Vidyalaya in Kattankudy, Dambadeniya Central College in Narammala and Sri Chandrananda Buddhist Girls’ College in Kandy. This expansion brings the total number of libraries spread island wide to 231.

Seylan Bank remains dedicated to the essence of physical libraries, acknowledging the value of printed materials in fostering a comprehensive learning environment. However, driven by the vision to evolve traditional libraries into digital hubs tailored to meet the needs of Gen Z learners, Seylan Bank is also piloting a transition towards e-libraries. This strategic move aims to assess the impact and operational implications of digitization while laying the groundwork for a seamless shift from physical to digital learning resources. Each library is equipped with facilities including computers and multimedia projectors, to facilitate collaborative learning and access to e-books alongside traditional printed resources.

Commenting on the initiative, Champika Dodanwela – Chief Financial Officer at Seylan Bank, stated, “Our longstanding commitment to the Pahasara Initiative has made a profound impact on Sri Lanka’s educational landscape, transforming countless lives. Through this sustainability initiative, we reach out to deserving schools, unlocking their potential by providing access to books and knowledge. As we commemorate another milestone anniversary, the opening of six libraries stands testament to Seylan’s unwavering dedication to empowering the next generation.” Having driven the Pahasara project since its inception in 2013, and playing an instrumental role in championing the bank’s sustainability efforts, Champika went on to say, “SeylanPahasara is the converging efforts of principals, teachers, and students to develop the young minds of our nation. As we transition from theory to practical experiences, we provide a supportive environment for the minds of tomorrow, ensuring no student is left behind on their journey to becoming active agents of change.” Champika, who has been spearheading the Pahasara project since its inception in 2013, emphasized the collaborative efforts of principals, teachers, and students in nurturing young minds for the nation’s future.

Launched over a decade ago as part of Seylan Bank’s 25th anniversary celebrations, the SeylanPahasara initiative has been instrumental in uplifting education standards and fostered a passion  for reading amongst the next generation of Sri Lankans. By aligning with Goal Number 4 of the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the initiative underscores Seylan Bank’s commitment to providing students with access to quality educational resources and empowering them to overcome future challenges with confidence. This particular goal is a pivotal driver for positive change emphasizing the transformative power of education and the bank’s commitment towards unlocking the potential of the children of Sri Lanka.

SeylanPahasara has been a collaborative effort involving bank staff, school authorities, parents, students, directors, and higher authorities from the Education Department. Managed with prudent oversight fromthe Board Sustainability Subcommittee, the project ensures that the ultimate beneficiaries, the students, receive maximum benefit.

Structured to donate books and revitalise libraries in under-privileged schools nationwide, SeylanPahasara involves thorough consultation with education officials, principals, teachers, and stakeholders to address real needs. This initiative not only enhances educational resources but also fosters closer ties between students and the bank, offering them opportunities to engage with banking concepts for their future prospects.

SInce inception, SeylanPahasara aimed to establish 100 libraries within four years, marking significant milestones across the island. With a fair distribution of libraries reaching every district, the project has positively impacted hundreds of students over the past decade, nurturing them to become well-rounded and forward-thinking citizens.

As Seylan Bank celebrates its 36th anniversary, the commitment to educational excellence remains steadfast. With a pledge to increase the number of libraries to 300 within the next three years, Seylan Bank continues to unlock the potential of young minds, paving the way for a brighter future for generations to come.

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