Seylan Bank Shines at LankaPay Technnovation Awards 2024 with Multiple Wins

(LANKAPUVATH | COLOMBO) –  Seylan Bank announced its outstanding success at the LankaPay Technnovation Awards 2024, where it secured multiple accolades, including two Gold awards, one Bronze award, and a Merit Award. The Bank’s commitment to innovation and customer-centric digital banking solutions has been recognized once again, solidifying its position as a leader in the banking industry.

Seylan Bank clinched a Gold award for the best “Common ATM Enabler,” underscoring its dedication to enhancing customer convenience byencouraging the widespreadusage of ATMs for transactions. Additionally, the bank secured another Gold award for “Bank of the year for Excellence in Customer Convenience,” reaffirming its relentless pursuit of excellence in user experience and service improvement based on customer feedback.

Additionally, Seylan Bank secured a Bronze Award for overall Excellence in Digital Payments whilst the Merit award was bestowed for “Bank of the year for financial inclusion,” highlighting the institution’s efforts in reaching out to customers and empowering them through accessible and inclusive banking services.

These achievements reflect Seylan Bank’s strategic focus on digital transformation and innovation. Over the past few years, the bank has diligently worked on consolidating and upgrading its digital infrastructure, resulting in top-notch digital banking services.

In the retail banking sector, Seylan Bank has pioneered several initiatives, including eKYC-based onboarding and the introduction of cutting-edge mobile banking applications. The bank’s commitment to digital excellence extends beyond its existing customer base, with the introduction of SeylanPay, a versatile mobile application catering to both bank customers and non-customers, facilitating seamless digital payments and transactions.

On the corporate Banking and SME front, Seylan Bank continues to excel with its innovative solutions. The Seylan Merchant Portal stands out as a groundbreaking platform, providing SMEs with hassle-free online payment collection solutions, thereby enhancing their operational efficiency and enabling them to focus on their core business activities.

Moreover, Seylan Bank has made significant investments in back-end core infrastructure and middleware, including robust API services, to facilitate seamless integration for corporate clients. These initiatives reflect the bank’s unwavering commitment to empowering businesses with secure and efficient digital solutions.

Commenting on the awards, Chaminda Senewiratne, AGM of Digital Banking channels, Seylan Bank stated, “We are thrilled to be recognized for our commitment to innovation and customer-centricity. These awards are a testament to our ongoing efforts to leverage digital technology to enhance banking experiences and foster financial inclusion. At Seylan Bank, innovation is ingrained in our DNA, guided by our core principle of being ‘The Bank with a Heart,’ where customer needs always come first.”

Seylan Bank’s resounding success at the LankaPayTechnnovation Awards 2024 reaffirms its position as a trailblazer in the banking industry, setting new benchmarks for digital excellence and customer satisfaction.

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