Sysco, the Global Leader in Foodservice, Celebrates 10 Years in Sri Lanka

(LANKAPUVATH | COLOMBO) –  Sysco LABS,the Global in-house Centre (GIC) for Sysco, the world leader in foodservice;celebrated a decade of Sysco’s successful presence in Sri Lanka. The mark the occasion, the company hosted a special event which brought together esteemed guests including the US Ambassador to Sri Lanka – Her Excellency, Julie Chung, dignitaries from the American Embassy, Leadership of the American Chamber of Commerce, Sysco’s Global Technology LeadershipTeam, Sysco LABS’ Leadership Team, and representatives from the media.

Speaking at the event, Tom Peck, Executive VicePresident and Chief Information & Digital Officer at Sysco, emphasized the pivotal role of technology in Sysco’s present and future endeavors, emphasizing the company’s vast scale. “With 72,000 colleagues andover 725,000 customer locations world-wide, Sysco operates at a global scale which requires vast technology inputs to success.As the global market leader, Sysco is driven by innovation and harnessing new technology, and that’s where the team in Sri Lanka gives us a competitive edge.”

Mr. Peck highlighted Sysco LABS as a critical component of its growth strategy, serving as a key tech enabler to drive Sysco’s global progress and enhance operational efficiency across its extensive network. “By leveraging cutting-edge technology, Sysco aims to continue providing exceptional service to its customers while driving sustainable growth and remaining at the forefront of the industry’s evolution.”

Sysco LABS’ journey began in 2013 when Sysco recognized the potential of Sri Lankan talent in revolutionizing global foodservice. Since Sysco’s full acquisition in 2017, Sysco LABS has grown to become Sysco’s largest Global In-House Center.

Lise Monahan, Vice President and Chief Information Officer (Americas), who leads Sysco’s Global In-House Centers speaking about the milestone, said: “Sysco LABS Sri Lanka plays a crucial role in both the day-to-day operations of Sysco, but also in being an enabler for the organization’s global expansion. The teams here have a deep knowledge of our systems and work closely with our other teams across the world to continuously deliver solutions that enable Sysco to cater to its customer needs. It’s great to see our team being an active member of the Sri Lankan tech and corporate communities, supporting the local IT industry with knowledge sharing and capacity building initiatives while also contributing to the country’s tech talent pipeline through its programs like Project Summit which is designed to accelerate the careers of young engineers.”

Over the past 10 years, the company has evolved greatly in terms of the solutions it delivers to Sysco, constantly growing the team, including the establishment of Sysco Technology’s Global 24×7 Operations Command Centre and the units that build and develop Sysco’s e-Commerce platforms and operations.  The company’s latest expansion includes the launch of a Sysco Cybersecurity Operations Center, further adding to its diverse portfolio of expertise in the technology field.

Sharing his thoughts on the milestone, Rasika Karunatilake, Managing Director of Sysco LABS, said: “Our journey from ateam of 100 to nearly 1000 colleagues is a testament to our relentless pursuit of innovation and excellence. Sysco LABS has evolved from aprimarilyproduct company to an organization that delivers a diverse array of technology solutions across 10 domains at an enterprise scale. Through our team’s ingenuity, relentless dedication and expertise, we are transforming the global foodservice industry landscape.”

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