DFCC Affinity Credit Cards Take Unique Credit Card Propositions to Diverse Customer Segments

(LANKAPUVATH | COLOMBO) –   Appealing to diverse customer segments and demographics, DFCC Affinity Credit Cards are an excellent tool for empowering Associations and their membership to create new opportunities. Affinity Credit Cards provide secure, hyper-personalised payment and lifestyle solutions, flexible redemption options on benefits, and niche value additions for both the cardholder and the Affinity Partner.

Explaining the value of DFCC Bank Affinity Credit Cards, Denver Lewis – Vice President Payments and Digital Channels said, “As the Bank for Everyone, we strive to provide product and service offerings that add value to diverse customer segments. Our Affinity Credit Cards help to bridge the gap and unite various organizations and their members towards a shared purpose, whilst providing tailored specific benefits that create unmatched value for these customer segments.”

The benefits of DFCC Bank Affinity Cards include proportional cash benefits on cardholder spending for the Affinity Partner, thus providing an excellent way to generate new income streams and collaborate with other partners to offer more attractive loyalty propositions. Cardholders also enjoy exclusive rewards, including cashback—a unique feature of DFCC Bank Credit Cards—discounts and a host of other privileges.

Affinity Credit Cards also allow the formation of strategic partnerships that establish shared objectives that empower transformative ideas and initiatives. DFCC Affinity Credit Cards have already been issued to members of a range of Old Boys Associations. Any organization or association is welcome to explore issuing an Affinity Credit Card to its members through DFCC Bank.

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