Project tracking buses with GPS technology begins with full digitalization of National Transport Commission

(LANKAPUVATH | COLOMBO) – The project to automate the data system and processes with the full digitalization of the National Transport Commission was launched today under the patronage of the Minister of Transport, Highways and Mass Media Dr. Bandula Gunawardena.

Under this project, the services of the National Transport Commission are operated through an automated program and the system operates without any external influence.

It is the concept of minister Gunawardena, who has focused on the importance of digitalization in order to provide more efficient and regular service in government institutions, to introduce this project implemented on his advice and guidance as a precedent to other institutions operating under the ministries.

The project enables 24-hour monitoring of buses with GPS technology running all over the island with the automated data system set up at the National Transport Commission premises in Narahenpita.

This center can get a lot of data on the bus service including the speed of the bus and the location of the bus and also the National Transport Commission will have the opportunity to investigate the complaints immediately.

In the future many operations including giving licenses to buses as well as giving driver and conductor ID cards will be done by using this digital technology process.

Speaking at the occasion, Minister Gunawardena said the digitalization project is a historic step, which is starting with the methods followed by the most advanced countries in the world, instead of the traditional administrative process, which so far has consumed the labor of a large number of people, time and money.

The new system has the ability to monitor and administer all the tasks of bus transportation from the main office, while curbing the wastage of time, labor, and money, corruption, frauds and inefficiencies in all sectors.

Analyzing the data continuously collected through the 24-hour control room will be of great benefit not only for corporate functions but also for other sectors including the security sector and legal affairs in the future, he said.

As the next stage of the steps taken by the National Transport Commission for digitization, the Minister advised to take the necessary steps to digitalize the entire process of the institution.

Expanding these services further, introducing a digital card instead of the traditional road permits issued at present has already started.

“At the same time, we are starting the work of providing an exemplary public service by completely curbing fraud, corruption, irregularity and inefficiency by fully digitalizing the corporate procurement process and other activities.

“This is the real change that the people are demanding for the country. I believe that this beginning will be a good omen to start a new change by rebuilding the fallen country,” the Minister said.

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