Fems H.E.R. Foundation empowers women and girls across Sri Lanka igniting an unstoppable journey

(LANKAPUVATH | COLOMBO) – Women and girls can be powerful agents of change. However, greater focus is needed to create an environment to enable them to participate as equal decision-makers in their homes and communities.Providing them with more opportunities to contribute to and benefit from the country’s development and future prosperity is essential. Fems, a leading feminine hygiene care brand by Hemas Consumer Brands, has always encouraged and supported women to achieve their dreams in their chosen fields. Recognizing the importance empowered women and girls play in building better futures for themselves and society,Fems is taking the lead inaccelerating progress for women throughintroducing the ‘H.E.R Foundation’ (Help. Empower. Rise.)

Shiyan Jayaweera, Director Marketing ofHemas Consumer Brands, said, “Fems, as a flagship feminine hygiene care brand, has consistently championed the rise of women and girlsby empowering them to dream beyond societal constraints. The H.E.R. Foundation is a natural extension of our commitment in supporting women’s health and hygiene needs, providing solutions and resources that will help raise awareness, educate communities, and furtherencourage women and girls in the country to overcome various hurdles.”

The H.E.R Foundation is dedicated to addressing the challenges Sri Lankan women and girls face, through initiatives ranging from education on hygiene practices to improving access to sanitary napkins, igniting their unstoppable journey. The initiative, based on three core pillars: Help, Empower and Rise, seeks to advance an environment of inclusivity and empowerment for women from all walks of life.

The Help pillar focuses on affordability and accessibility. Insufficient education and affordability have led 70% of women within the country to irregular access to napkins. So Fems introduced ‘AYA’ in 2022, a pioneering economical sanitary napkin brand with exceptional product standards. The Foundation ensures that ‘AYA’ sanitary napkins are within reach for every woman, supporting them to face their period with dignity and ease. To date ‘Aya’has been made accessible to over 270,000 householdsisland wide.

The Empower pillar champions open discussions and unhindered access to sanitary products. By introducing sanitary napkins in schools and workplaces, Fems seeks to empower girls and women to embrace their journey without any difficulty.Fems has trained and educated over 125,000 women and girls on good menstrual hygiene practices through its school and corporate education programs.

The Rise pillar challenges gender norms and inspires future generations whilerecognising andcelebrating the achievements of women from diverse backgrounds.

To amplifythe impact and widen its sphere of influence, the H.E.R. Foundation partners with like-minded organizations, individuals, and advocates who share a common vision of Empowering women. H.E.R Foundationcurrently collaborates with the Sarvodaya Women’s Movement, Fusion, Arka Initiative and the MJF Charitable Foundation.

The call to action is clear: H.E.R. Foundation welcomes those who are committed to making a difference. Looking ahead, the Foundation aims to foster deeper partnerships with organizations, driving substantial change and championing the cause of women’s progress, creating agreater impact that extends beyond culturesand generations.

For more information, please visit https://herfoundation.lk/

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