Seylan Bank honoured for innovative and purposeful ‘Best in Country’ and ‘Best Small Budget Campaigns’ at Dragons of Asia Awards 2023

(LANKAPUVATH | COLOMBO) –  Seylan Bank’s impressive triple win at the Dragons of Asia 2023 Awards held recently, highlights the institution’s role as a catalyst for positive change. The Bank’s progressive National Day Campaign earned the prestigious Blue Dragon for Sri Lanka’s Best Campaign and a Gold Dragon for the ‘Best Small Budget Campaign’, in addition to securing a Bronze award for the campaign to revive the iconic Uncle Albert.

The Dragons of Asia Awards recognized Seylan Bank’s efforts to create impactful campaigns that promote unity, trust, and innovative thinking. The Bank’s thought-provoking National Day campaign made a significant impact by encouraging Sri Lankans to sing the National Anthem in both Sinhala and Tamil on the 75th National Day. The campaign involved releasing two videos of children singing the national anthem in Sinhala and Tamil respectively. Unknown to the audience, the Sinhala singers were actually Tamil-speaking children and vice-versa, symbolically bridging ethnic divisions. The timely campaign resonated widely for advocating national unity through a subtle yet impactful message that language need notbe a barrier and divide citizens. The campaign turned the sensitive issue of singing the anthem in both national languages into an appealing call for solidarity. The execution won hearts and minds while earning accolades as among Sri Lanka’s top marketing efforts.

Seeking to boost foreign remittances, Seylan Bank revived its iconic Uncle Albert character from a memorable past advertisement for Western Union money transfers. First appearing over 20 years ago, Uncle Albert holds nostalgic appeal having depicted as saving the day by sending crucial funds from abroad. The brave, agile and innovative campaign centered on rewarding responsible citizens who sent remittances through Western Union with unique digital Uncle Albert collectibles (NFTs).The campaign sought to connect with young and old while reinforcing trust and addressing current remittance challenges with simplified solutions. It also sought to motivate both parties to use official channels for remittances and be part of solving a national need.The campaign was also successful in reshaping Seylan Bank’s image as a pioneering, futuristic brand in the digital age.

Asiri Abhayaratne, Assistant General Manager, Marketing & Sales, Seylan Bank said, “We are honoured that Seylan Bank’s innovative campaigns have been recognized at the prestigious Dragons of Asia Awards 2023 in Malaysia. It acknowledges our efforts to shape an inclusive, empowered society through purpose-driven marketing. The awards also demonstrate Seylan Bank’s pioneering spirit and agility in responding to people’s needs with human-centered solutions. We will continue creating campaigns that uncomplicate finance and champion progress.”

Seylan Bank’s ongoing partnership with several local agencies, including Shift Integrated, Loops Integrated, Third Shift Media, and Ogilvy Public Relationshelped to bring these campaigns to fruition. These partnerships have played a crucial role in Seylan Bank’s success at the Dragons of Asia Awards.

With a 35-year legacy, Seylan Bank has become a catalyst that simplifies finance, champions financial literacy, and harnesses technology to deliver inclusive, personal solutions enriching society. The award-winning campaigns highlight the Bank as a transformative force enabling and unlocking potential for all citizens through human-centered services and progressive initiatives that support all communities.

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