Hemas partners AYATI Sports Club to Celebrate World Down Syndrome Month with an Inclusive Rock Climbing Event

(LANKAPUVATH | COLOMBO) – In celebration of World Down Syndrome Month, Hemas Outreach Foundation partnered Ayati Sports Club in a novel and inclusive rock climbing event. The initiative provided adolescents with Down Syndrome and other developmental conditions a unique opportunity to experience the exhilarating sport in a safe and empowering environment.

Accompanied by a dedicated team of professionals from Ayati, the participants were immersed in the exhilarating experience of rock climbing. Beyond the physical challenges, rock climbing offers a plethora of cognitive benefits, promoting problem-solving skills and fostering language and cognitive development, while enhancing fine motor, gross motor, and coordination skills.

Gracing the occasion, was Jayanthi Kuru-Utumpala, the first Sri Lankan to summit Mount Everest and representatives from Climblanka, who ensured a safe and enriching experience for the participants.

For Hemas Outreach Foundation, inclusivity lies at the heart of its mission to create an equitable space where stereotypes are challenged, barriers are broken, and all individuals, regardless of abilities, are encouraged to ignite their passion for sports and relentlessly pursue their dreams.

Supported by the Hemas Outreach Foundation, the Ayati Sports Club continues to make strides in enhancing the quality of life for its members and challenging societal norms. ShiromiMasakorala, Executive Director of Hemas Outreach Foundation / Ayati Trust Sri Lanka, expressed delight in supporting Ayati’s initiatives. “Eradicating stigma and promoting equality is of utmost importance to us. Through collaborative efforts with Ayati, we are committed to creating more inclusive opportunities and activities in the coming year,” Masakorala stated.

The AYATI Sports Club is part of the Ayati Centre, Sri Lanka’s first ‘National Centre for Children with Disabilities’ and is among the main initiatives of Hemas Outreach Foundation.


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