Sri Lanka PM emphasizes strict code of conduct for people’s representatives

(COLOMBO, LANKAPUVATH) –Sri Lanka Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe says the politicians should set an example to the society and due to the conduct and unruly behavior of some public representatives, the Sri Lankan parliament is unable to set an example to the country.

The Premier, speaking at an event held to mark the 75th anniversary of the Karandeniya Central College today (09) said the events took place in parliament recently should not be covered up from public and needed measures must be taken to broadly inquire the incidents.

The Prime Minister said the behavior of some people’s representatives was shameful and emphasized the need to strictly implement a code of ethics to the public representatives.

The Premier, who attended the anniversary Karandeniya Central College, one of leading schools in the Southern Province as the Chief Guest, was warmly welcomed by the students of the Central College and its teaching staff. He also declared open the newly constructed three storey building of the school.

Speaking at the event, the Premier said politicians must set an example to the rest of the society.

“As politicians, we must give an example to others. Unfortunately, the country doesn’t receive an example from our parliament. Because of our own conduct, we have lost that. The recent situation in the parliament was worse than a clash between two rival schools after a cricket match,” he said.

“These incidents that occurred in Parliament should not be hidden. We need to pay close attention to this. We should look at how to correct the wrong and give an example to the country. The responsibility for these incidents is yet to be accepted. In this backdrop, the question arises as to how I can advise you as a politician because I also represent that parliament. If this incident is hidden under the mat, it would be a big blow to our country,” he added.

“Regardless of how embarrassing the situation is, we should pay attention to the incident, discuss and reveal the truth to the country,” the Premier added

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