Police Department will be transformed as a profession of intellectuals – President

(COLOMBO, LANKAPUVATH) –President Maithripala Sirisena says necessary future steps will be taken by him as the Minister-in-Charge to make the Police Department a profession which is filled with intellectuals.

The President said that the National Police Academy should be elevated up to the level of degree awarding institute and he further said that if there are any obstacles in this regard, he will take steps to remove all obstacles.

He made these remarks addressing the Diploma Awarding ceremony of the National Police Academy held at the BMICH,yesterday (21).

President Sirisena, expressing his views further said that during the past period, many activities that should be done to strengthen the Police Department as well as to raise the quality standards of the Department have been neglected. The President said that he had taken many steps to strengthen the Police Department within a short period of two months and currently a number of legal reforms have been made to strengthen the Police Department and the Attorney General is also making arrangements for the drafting of new rules and regulations according to his instructions.

The President also said that certain individuals who hide behind the cover of Human Rights, raised their voices against taking actions against the serious criminals in the process of controlling crimes. Preventing the underworld, crimes, illegal drug trafficking, or abusing of women, abusing children and other criminal activities in the society will not be stopped just because these people raise their voices said the President further adding that even if there are negative impacts at the next election, decisions made for the betterment of the people and the country will not be delayed.

He said that the highest privileges will be given for the police service which accomplishes responsibilities on behalf of the people and the country risking their lives.

The policies and procedures that should be taken to uplift the welfare of the members of the police department must be carried forward in collaboration with the police department, police commission, and the Ministry of Laws and Order, and it should not be delayed for tomorrow, said the President.

Then prize giving of the first diploma of the National Police Training Institute, under the theme, “Professionalism through wisdom” was held at a grand scale under the patronage of the President. Two Hundred and Sixty four members of the Sri Lanka Police who have successfully completed the diploma were presented with Diplomas and Higher National Diplomas.

President Sirisena presented certificates to few of the receipients to mark the event.

Inspector- General of Police, Senior and Deputy Inspector –Generals of Police and senior officers of the police department, University Lecturers and Professors were present at this event.

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