New COVID Cluster can be controlled – Health DG

(COLOMBO, LANKAPUVATH) – Kandakadu is not the second wave of COVID-19 and it is only an extension of the Suduwella Cluster Health Services Director General Dr. Anil Jasinghe said.

“This Cluster can be controlled. It is a challenge but we can do it just like we did in the past. People and institutions took COVID-19 very lightly after the re-opening of the country,”he said.

Dr, Jasinghe said the issue is with Rajanganaya Yaya 1, 2 and 3. Health staff, Armed Forces and the Intelligence Service are taking all required steps to control the cluster. More COVID-19 patients can be found from this area and various other areas. People and institutions took it very lightly after the opening of the country and did not follow even the basic health guidelines issued by the Government and the Health Ministry to prevent COVID-19. Everything depends on our discipline and support, he said.

Dr. Jasinghe pointed out that all people and all state and private institutions should follow all health guidelines issued by the Government and the Health Ministry to prevent COVID-19. All institutions should strictly follow all operational guidelines issued to them. Meetings, rallies, other non essential events should be cancelled. No picnics, trips should be organized by the people, he said.

Dr. Jasinghe stressed that by now it is observed that the enthusiasm displayed by people and institutions to follow health guidelines was gradually fading away. Now the soap has disappeared from some institutions while water is not available in some other institutions.

People gather without following the minimum distance. They keep the mask on their neck or chin and lift it up from time to time touching the mask and face. This is a serious issue.

All people should wear a mask whenever going out from home and they should cover both their nose and mouth, not only their mouth. They should keep at least one meter distance from each other all the time. hands should be washed for 30 seconds using soap and water.

Standard hand sanitizer should be used whenever soap and water is not available, he said. Sri Lanka achieved success by controlling COVID-19 not because we are fortunate. It is due to the hard work and numerous sacrifices of the health staff, armed forces and all.

Therefore it is the responsibility of all people, state and private institutions to keep that status by following all health guidelines all the time, he added.

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