Smart Farm Agricultural tech contributes to Thai economy

(LANKAPUVATH | THAILAND) – Aiming to control weather disturbances in Thailand and their direct impact on agriculture, a Thai farmer started implementing the smart farm system to promote and develop vegetable production, in addition to supporting the digital economy.

The smart farm system develops the farm’s watering system automatically through the ‘Smart Farm Kit’ phone application, which is installed at a cheap price of about 1000 baht, the farmer, in the automatic irrigation system, can control the amount of water and set the time to turn on and off through the weather sensor system installed on the Smartphone.

Thailand’s agriculture is characterized by its high competitiveness, diversity, and successful exports at the world level, as it owns about 138 million hectares of agricultural land, and agricultural production constitutes about 10.5 percent of Thailand’s GDP.

Source: A24 News Agency

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