American – Mongolian collaboration for filmmaking and global spread of Mongolian culture

(LANKAPUVATH | MONGOLIA) – The Mongolian Ministry of Art and Culture issued the Filmmaking Act, which aims to highlight the culture, heritage, and nomadic lifestyle of Mongolia.

Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman has met with the Mongolia Minister of Art and Culture, Lady Nomin, intending to grant filmmakers a visa to come to the country to direct films within the laws, as Mongolia seeks through the issuance of the law to attract many film production companies in the world, open up opportunities for Mongolian artists and filmmakers to cooperate with foreign artists, gain experience in the film industry in Hollywood and share experience in the Mongolian film industry.

The cooperation project between Mongolia and the US will start in 2022 by recovering the seed funding for a film created and shot in Mongolia to see more cultural development between the two countries in filmmaking.

Source: A24 News Agency

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