Seylan Tikiri celebrates World Children’s Month by placing importance on home gardening

(LANKAPUVATH | COLOMBO) – Against the backdrop of World Children’s Day being celebrated in Sri Lanka on October 1st, SeylanTikiri, Sri Lanka’s leading minor savings brand from Seylan Bank has planned for an entire month’s worth of innovative and fun-filled offerings for the nation’s children. Now in its 10th consecutive year, SeylanTikiri’s World Children’s Month campaign aims to offer special gifts for deposits made to existing and new Tikiri accounts during the promotional period running from the 1st to the 31st of October 2022.

Given the ongoing effects of inflation, Seylan Bank has identified that many homes have taken to home gardening in an effort to cut down on the rising cost of living. Considering these factors, the incentives offered by SeylanTikiri during this month seek to encourage the imagination and creativity of kids in a different way by unlocking the potential of their inner green thumbs.

To encourage this good habit, for every new deposit of Rs. 25,000/- to a new or existing Tikiri account, the account holder will be entitled to a home gardening pack with two essential tools, gloves, grow bags and seeds along with free entrance to the Tikiri Home Gardening Competition. This initiative will pave the way for kids up to the age of 12 years to win up to Rs. 500,000/- in prizes.

If a deposit of Rs. 100,000/- is made to a new account, the account holder will be entitled to the above mentioned gardening pack, along with slab based gift vouchers and an additional gift. Meanwhile, for every new deposit of LKR 5,000/- to existing or new accounts, the account holder will gain entrance to the Tikiri Home Gardening Competition only. Additionally, SeylanTikiri has partnered with reputed merchants such as Atlas, CIB, Bata and Lumala to provide discount coupons to account holders.

Voicing his thoughts on these efforts conducted by SeylanTikiri, Mr. Gamika De Silva, Assistant General Manager Sales and Marketing at Seylan Bank PLC said, “While others may dedicate only a day to commemorate World Children’s Day, we at Seylan Bank have been dedicating an entire month to the next generation of the nation for ten years and counting. This year, we seek to encourage children to engage in home gardening which will teach them the importance of making the best of any situation, while also serving as a bonding experience with their parents. We like to think that through our annual efforts, Seylan Bank stands as a gentle reminder to everyone to ensure that they are creating a better world for the next generation.”

Being a responsible brand for the past 30 years, SeylanTikiri has ensured to improve and influence the important habit of saving among children by way of novel and exciting initiatives such as these. The brand has remained agile in matching the latest trends in order to introduce timely concepts and engagement activities.

SeylanTikiri accounts can be opened for children below the age of 15 years. Parents who are interested in inculcating the good habit of saving among their kids are encouraged to visit the nearest Seylan Bank branch or call 200 88 88 for more details.

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