Urban Development Authority completes work on 175 projects this year

(LANKAPUVATH | COLOMBO) –According to the Urban Development Authority, out of the 215 projects implemented this year, almost 175 projects have been fully completed with an allocation of 10.6 billion rupees under the General Treasury allocation. The work of another 40 projects is scheduled to be completed.

The Urban Development Authority says that due to the economic crisis faced by the country this year, the completion of the projects was delayed.

However, the Urban Development Authority states that it has already received instructions from the minister in charge of the subject, Mr. Prasanna Ranatunga, to take steps to complete the work on those 40 projects next year.

Accordingly, under the Hundred Cities Development Program implemented by the Urban Development Authority, 117 small and medium-sized urban centers covering all areas of the country have been selected and projects have been started in 116 cities. The Urban Development Authority says that the works in 110 cities have been completely finished by now.

In the 110 cities where work has been completed, basic public needs such as sidewalks, drainage systems open areas, passenger shelters and sanitary facilities have been developed.

According to the Urban Development Authority, 44 projects such as bus stations, public fairs, and public markets have been identified to be implemented this year using the money allocated by the Treasury for projects in the nine provinces and 29 projects of those have been completed.

With the aim of developing facilities in urban areas and improving the health of the public, the Urban Development Authority started the construction of 25 walking lanes across the country. So far, 23 of them have been completed and 778 million rupees have been spent for that.

Also, the Urban Development Authority says that 22 projects have been implemented under the allocations given by the Treasury to the government institutions, of which 5 projects have been completed. Also, in view of the financial crisis that the country is facing, the work of 13 projects is being implemented under low progress.

The project to develop the walkway and public facilities around the Beira Lake has been completed with only finishing essential elements.

Also, the construction of the Jaffna City Hall, which was started on the request of the political leadership and the people, at a cost of 2,452 million rupees, is to be handed over to the Jaffna Municipal Council for the completion of the future work.

According to the Urban Development Authority, an amount of 1200 million rupees has been spent on its construction and an amount of 2620 million rupees is required to fully complete the work.

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