Finance Ministry to cut allowances given to Ministers, MPs for foreign tours

(LANKAPUVATH | COLOMBO) –The Ministry of Finance has decided to reduce all allowances given to all public representatives, including ministers, when they travel abroad for official work.

According to the Finance Ministry decision, allowances of Ministers, Governors of Provinces, Members of Parliament, Ministers of Provincial Councils, Mayors and Chairpersons of Local Government Bodies will be reduced.

According to Finance Ministry sources decision to cut costs will be effective from March 20th.

Accordingly, for those traveling abroad for skill development such as education tours, training, and conferences, allowance, which is currently US$ 40 per day for a maximum of 30 days will be trimmed to US$ 25 and limit to 15 days.

The Finance Ministry added that the allowance of USD 75 given for 15 days to those leaving overseas as part of an official delegation or representing the country has been reduced to USD 40 and also will be limited to 10 days.

In the payment of composite allowances, the Ministry of Finance has also decided to reduce by 30% all the allowances paid under the first and second category for five categories of countries.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Finance has taken steps to completely abolish the US$ 750 entertainment allowance given on a request of the minister or the ministry secretary leading a delegation during an official government visit.



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