300% increase in sales for Bag.lk within just 4 months!

(LANKAPUVATH | COLOMBO) – In today’s highly competitive business environment, many organisations are looking for an edge that will take them just that little bit further than their competitors. Whether it is creating a presence online, providing services that none of their competitors do or offering unbeatable prices on goods and services, every business is vying for that top spot in terms of sales and revenue.

Bag.lk, Sri Lanka’s largest bag store, has just such a success story! Bag.lk is an online store that offers a wide range of exclusive, stylish bags, from luggage to backpacks to exquisitely designed ladies’ handbags, as well as satchels, wallets and so much more. Carrying international brands such as American Tourister, Samsonite and Delsey, they have a wide range of bags, from small to large, to suit any and all customer requirements, at the most affordable prices.

However, simply having the right products is not sufficient to make it in this highly competitive world of online business. You need the right edge, and according to the Managing Director of Bag.lk, Mr. Isuru Perusinghe, that edge came in the form of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO).

In the words of Mr. Isuru Perusinghe, “Although we had been in the market for some time, we found that we were not getting enough traffic to our ecommerce site which hugely impacted our sales. This is when we decided to get the site optimised through SEO. IsharaShehan Consultancy has made a huge impact on our company since they took over the SEO activities of our e-commerce site. Within just 4 short months, they have been able to increase our sales from organic means by 300%+ as well as increase the visibility of almost all our products and categories. The strategies that they used helped us to achieve much more than we expected in terms of sales.”

With the efficient SEO strategies used for Bag.lk, they have been able to create greater visibility for the brand by bringing almost 95% of their keywords within the first page of Google search results. This has resulted in a huge turnaround in terms of profit and revenue, because the more the brand is visible to those searching online, the more chances of potential customers seeing the brand and thereby visiting the website and making a purchase.

While many people are still averse to the additional expense of getting services like CRO and SEO, Bag.lk have proven that these are essential if you want to make it in business, especially if you are doing business online. In this day and age, when more and more people are opting for the convenience and ease of purchasing goods and services online, it is essential that you create an impactful presence for your brand or company in this arena.

“The approach we used for Bag.lk was quite different.” said Nimesha Peiris, Manager SEO of IsharaShehan Consultancy. “We focussed mainly on commercial keywords for bag.lk, because after all, bringing in sales is what was important here. One of our biggest challenges came in the form of off-page SEO activities, because the previous service providers had used certain black-hat SEO techniques for off-page SEO. We had to clean up those toxic backlinks and apply white-hat SEO tactics simultaneously in order to bring the site up to the level it is in now. Because of this, we ran audits of the website, at regular intervals in order to identify and resolve problem areas, and soon we were able to see the results we wanted for our client.

The project, according to Ishara Shehan Silva, Founder and International SEO & CRO Consultant, was not without its challenges. However, with the expertise they have gained over the years in dealing with diverse industries and e-commerce websites both locally and overseas, the team have been able to come up with the best possible strategy and a data-driven approach that would help their client, Bag.lk, in achieving their business goals; increased visibility for the business, and increased sales and revenue!

With enhanced activities in terms of SEO and CRO, Bag.lk are looking at improving their sales and revenue figures even more in the coming months, gaining an excellent position in the market for their products!

The next time you are looking for high quality bags in Sri Lanka, visit Sri Lanka’s largest bag store – Bag.lk!

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