How To Strike the Right Balance When It Comes to Sharing Online

(LANKAPUVATH | COLOMBO) –  As the first ones to grow up fully online, Gen Zers might have a keen understanding of what is and is not okay to share on public platforms, but that doesn’t mean we don’t overshare sometimes.

So the question is: How much do we share without even realizing it?

Forget check-ins and pin drops. Your phone may already be providing this info whether you know it or not. According to a 2018 investigation, location data is reported to smartphone apps up to 14,000 times a day. We’re also unintentionally sharing data in other ways.

In a recent BDG Studios/OnePoll survey with over 1,000 Gen Zers from across the United States, 22% of respondents reported having accidentally sent a coworker or boss an embarrassing or personal message intended for family or friends.

To make matters even more cringe worthy, 36 respondents noted that this mobile misfire was an intimate message meant for a romantic partner.

We’re also receiving information unintentionally. Ever looked down to see an unwanted instant file transfer? You’re not alone. In the same survey, 46% of respondents admitted to having received an unsolicited file drop from a stranger.

Beyond being unwelcome, leaving your Bluetooth open and unsecured gives strangers an invasive backdoor into your private data.

With Samsung, users don’t have to worry about winking smiley faces interrupting a nice evening out with friends. For one thing , there’s Private Share, which easily keeps all your phone’s information securely encrypted to protect you and your privacy.

This feature allows users to choose which photos, audio and documents to send to specific people and it can even set an expiration date on the data. This is so you get to decide who sees what and when.

Another tool is Samsung’s Security and Privacy Dashboard, which lets users call the shots on who gets access to their data and when by letting them easily toggle app permissions on and off or even just blanket turn off access to the camera or microphone.

Make unintended oversharing a thing of the past with the future of Samsung.

As Sri Lanka’s No. 1 smartphone brand, Samsung has been awarded the prestigious title of ‘People’s Youth Choice Brand of the Year’ for four consecutive years by SLIM Sri Lanka’s review of the country’s most valuable brands. Samsung’s customer base in Sri Lanka spans across all age groups, with a particular focus on the Gen Z and Millennial segments.


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