Auditor General’s Department to investigate complaints of substandard medicines in hospitals

(LANKAPUVATH | COLOMBO) – The Auditor General’s Department has decided to initiate a special investigation to find out whether substandard drugs are being used in government hospitals.

Auditor General W. P. C. Wickramaratne has said that in view of the considerable amount of information received on the alleged use of substandard and unregistered medicines, the Department has decided to start a special investigation.

He also mentioned that information is continuously being reported from different parts of the island regarding the use of substandard medicines.

The Auditor General has also decided to deploy a separate team to conduct investigations in this regard.

Meanwhile, an investigation is already underway on the computer system related to the purchase and distribution of medicines, the government auditor disclosed adding that the investigation is currently in its final stages.

Mr. Wickramaratne further said that the report of the investigation will be submitted to the Parliament immediately.

The state health units were accused of several deaths that occurred in government hospitals in the past few days. Certain groups, including opposition MPs, who commented on the matter, said that these deaths were due to the use of inferior drugs and blamed the Minister of Health and the Health Department for procuring substandard medicines.

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