State Minister of Technology, officially inaugurating the Global Entrepreneurship Week, requests the youth and departing entrepreneurs to join DIGIECON 2030 to fortify the nation’s economy

(LANKAPUVATH | COLOMBO) – Minister of State for Technology, Mr. Kanaka Herath, inaugurated the Global Entrepreneurship Week and requested the departing youth and entrepreneurs to actively contribute to the nation’s economic development, aligning with the objectives of the DIGIECON 2030 initiative.

Highlighting the Digi-Econ program, Minister Herath emphasized on-going efforts to cultivate a digital economy by fostering a conducive environment for entrepreneurial endeavours.

Minister Kanaka Herath conveyed these sentiments during the official launch of the Global Entrepreneurship Week, a global celebration spanning over 200 countries under the theme “Entrepreneurs Thrive Here” from November 13 onwards.

Throughout the week, diverse activities, including conferences, seminars, workshops and discussions, have been orchestrated across the nation in sectors such as entrepreneurship, innovation, start-ups, business economic systems, education, digital interaction, and policies. These events aim to evaluate and empower innovative entrepreneurs, fostering collaboration among local entrepreneurs, investors, researchers and industry experts.

During the Global Entrepreneurship Week, over 60 partners in Sri Lanka have registered more than 100 distinct operations.

Minister Kanaka Herath, expanding on the significance of the event, shared insights on the start-up ecosystem in the country. According to the Start-up Genome report, the current value stands at approximately 244 million US dollars, with a targeted increase to one billion. He emphasized the transformative impact of technology on daily life, prompting a shift in consumer behaviours and economic transactions.

Envisioning a more favourable entrepreneurial landscape, Minister Kanaka Herath reiterated the Digi-Econ program’s central objective — to establish a robust digital economy within the country. The program’s outreach, extending to district levels through the Ministry of Industry, invites young professionals and departing entrepreneurs to partake in this initiative for the greater economic strength of the nation.

The landscape of technology in our country has undergone a transformative shift, courtesy of innovative entrepreneurship. This evolution is palpable in our daily lives, influencing the manner in which we procure goods, settle bills, facilitate transportation, and conduct banking transactions. The ubiquitous integration of a myriad of applications on smartphones exemplifies the widespread impact of entrepreneurial innovation on our technological ecosystem.

Our aspiration is to cultivate a more conducive environment for our entrepreneurs through the implementation of the Digi-Econ program. The primary aim of this initiative is to systematically construct a robust digital economy within our nation.

Notably, the program is being disseminated at the district level in collaboration with the Ministry of Industry. We extend an earnest invitation to the young professionals and entrepreneurs currently leaving the country due to brain drain to actively engage in and contribute to this program. By joining forces, we believe you can fulfil a pivotal role in fortifying our country’s economic foundation.

Mrs. Thilaka Jayasundara, Secretary of the Ministry of Industry, emphasized the Ministry’s commitment to nurturing the youth, particularly those of Generation Z, through initiatives focused on the development of small and medium-scale industries. The goal is to elevate the contribution of women and youth enterprises to 25% of the country’s economy by 2030.

The event saw the participation of notable figures such as Suresh De Mal, National Ambassador of the Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN), Mahesha Amarasuriya, Director of Mastercard Sri Lanka, and Sachindra Samararatne, Ambassador of Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW), along with the Deputy Chief Digital Economy Officer of the Information and Communication Technology Agency of Sri Lanka. Their presence underscored the collaborative commitment to fostering entrepreneurship in Sri Lanka.

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