“Make a Major Change in Leasingwith “DFCC Bank – Unlock the Most Affordable Option in the Market”

(LANKAPUVATH | COLOMBO) – DFCC Leasing, renowned for its commitment to providing exceptional customer value, continues its winning streak by introducing the most affordable monthly lease rentals. Understanding the needs of its diverse customers, “DFCC Leasing” provides the lowest leasing rates in the market, redefining affordability, and accessibility for personal vehicle ownership in Sri Lanka.

Accordingly, under DFCC Leasing’s new offer, customers can enjoy the lowest lease rentals, starting at just Rs. 1,799/- per 100,000/-, setting a new industry benchmark for personal vehicle ownership. This remarkably low lease rental stretches the affordability range of DFCC Leasing’s customers, enabling them to opt for a better vehicle that perfectly suits their needs and aspirations.

Aasiri Iddamalgoda, Senior Vice President of Retail Banking and SME at DFCC Bank, expressed the Bank’s dedication to customer-centric innovation, saying, “We believe in making dreams a reality. DFCC Leasing ensures that everyone can experience the joy of vehicle ownership without compromising on quality or aspirations. We are thus proud to offer the best lease rental rates in Sri Lanka and remain committed to delivering unbeatable value to all our customers, living up to our reputation as the Bank for Everyone.”

Experience a new era of affordability and luxury with “DFCC Leasing.” To learn more about this game-changer for leasing, visit your nearest DFCC Bank branch or explore DFCC Leasing’s website at <https://www.dfcc.lk/products/leasing-personal/>. Alternatively, you can contact DFCC Bank via its 24/7 customer service hotline at 011 2 350 000 and embark on your journey towards affordable vehicle ownership.

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