44 Authors, 23 Sessions across 2 cities, the 1st edition of HSBC Ceylon Literary & Arts Festival

(LANKAPUVATH | COLOMBO) – The first edition of HSBC Ceylon Literary & Arts Festival (CLF) is scheduled to unfold in the picturesque city of Kandy on February 8th, followed by a vibrant continuation in Colombo on February 10th. Both cities, renowned for their rich heritage and cultural vibrancy, will serve as the perfect hosts for this literary and artistic celebration.

The festival centers around a creative platform highlighting the cultural essence of Sri Lanka, placing a primary emphasis on Literature, complemented by Art, Music, and Films. A pivotal objective of the festival management is to broaden exposure and knowledge among the youth and children. To this end, a Children’s Festival and Creative Writing Workshop have been organized, featuring the participation of 13 schools. This initiative is aimed at laying the groundwork for the future, with the intention of expanding and enriching these endeavors with each successive edition.

A total of 44 authors, predominantly international, have enthusiastically confirmed their participation in the festival. Cleverly themed curated sessions, totaling 23, will captivate and engage the audience. The distinguished curator of the festival is Ashok Ferrey, a celebrated author and literary figure, whose expertise promises to enrich the festival experience.

At the heart of this festival lies the objective to spotlight Sri Lanka to international audiences, portraying it as a country with a dynamic and vibrant society, thereby enhancing its allure for both travelers and investors. Despite emerging from a challenging scenario, Sri Lanka is currently experiencing positive momentum.

The Ceylon Literary and Art Festival is pleased to announce the participation of distinguished literary figures in its inaugural event. Esteemed personalities such as William Dalrymple, Sir David Hare, Louis de Bernieres, Shyam Selvadurai, Shehan Karunatilaka, and Louise Doughty are among the notable authors who will grace our stage, engaging the audience in insightful conversations and dialogues that challenge and enlighten.

The festival will feature 23 meticulously curated panels, addressing contemporary topics and current issues. From the examination of societal obsessions with appearance in the ‘It’s the Body, Stupid!’ panel to the exploration of feminism’s trajectory in ‘Will the last feminist turn out the lights when they leave?,’ the event promises a thought-provoking experience. Notable sessions include ‘Help! AI chewed up my manuscript!’—delving into our increasingly AI-driven world—and the Guru of Sleep, Giles Watkin, imparting the art of achieving a restful night’s sleep. The closing day’s impactful panel, ‘The Empire Strikes Back,’ is poised to initiate a compelling debate. These sessions provide a glimpse of the diverse and compelling content awaiting attendees, ensuring a journey of exploration and inspiration.

CLF will commence in Kandy from the 8th to the 9th of February at Trinity College Kandy and Hotel Suisse Kandy before moving to the vibrant capital, Colombo, from the 10th to the 12th of February at the Colombo Public Library.

The main partners promoting this creative platform to showcase and make it one of the leading platforms is the title partner HSBC along with our other partners Mastercard, The British Council, Galle Face Hotel, Hotel Suisse Kandy, Dilmah Ceylon, Innovate Books, Goethe Institut, Wijeya Newspapers, Emerging Media, Curado, Hardtalk and Sarasavi. Together, these partnerships embody a shared vision of celebrating and nurturing culture and creativity in Sri Lanka.

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