Hydrating Oily Skin: The Body Shop’s new formula strikes the perfect balance

(COLOMBO, LANKAPUVATH) – The natural properties of tea tree oil have been used in traditional medicine for centuries; a versatile oil used to help treat infections and promote healing, made from the crushed leaves of the tea tree plant, a species that is native to Australia.

Over decades, various researchers have conducted multiple studies, delving into the effectiveness of tea tree oil as a powerful remedy for acne and in fighting oily skin. Its natural purifying effects on blemished skin have made it a go-to ingredient for many.

Harnessing the nourishing and antiseptic properties of tea tree oil for a range of skincare solutions, Tea Tree Oil by global beauty brand, The Body Shop, is a formula that has been perfected over years, containing 15% Community Fair Trade tea tree oil. This means users can safely apply it directly onto skin without dilution, unlike the 100% undiluted or “neat” forms available elsewhere.

The lemon tea tree oil in the formula, known for its highly aromatic fragrance, contains purifying properties that have been proven to tackle blemishes and keep one’s skin looking clear. Meanwhile, the tamanu oil in the tree oil formula is well-known for its antibacterial properties, effectively soothing blemished skin.

By combining tea tree oil with a variety of other interesting ingredients, The Body Shop has experimented with its healing properties and created several unique skincare solutions, ranging from masks and scrubs to lotions, and facial washes to body washes.

Going a step beyond, The Body Shop has more recently combined the properties of tea tree oil with the healing properties of salicylic acid, hyaluronic acid, and aloe vera. Well-known for its effectiveness in reducing acne, exfoliating skin, and keeping pores clear, salicylic acid can be a powerful ingredient when combined with tea tree oil. Meanwhile, hyaluronic acid works to keep skin supple and hydrated, balancing moisture levels from within by binding to water molecules in the skin.

Perhaps one of the most widely used skincare remedies, in both new and age-old recipes, the gel-like components of the aloe plant have antimicrobial properties that help in flushing out microbes and dirt, unclogging pores and softening one’s skin, thus treating acne with an unmatched efficacy.

Bringing together the unique healing properties of these ingredients, The Body Shop’s new Tea Tree In-Control Hydrator works to provide users with an intense, 24-hour hydration.

Combining Community Fair Trade Tea Tree Oil from Kenya, Community Fair Trade organic aloe vera from Mexico, salicylic acid, and white willow bark, amongst other ingredients, the Tea Tree In-Control Hydrator has been created to be a light, non-greasy formula that can be applied seamlessly onto one’s skin, balancing its natural oil production.

With a global reach that comprises more than 3,000 stores in more than 60 countries, The Body Shop is constantly striving to push the boundaries of skincare and enrich its products, the lives of people, and our planet. Its range of Tea Tree Oil products can be purchased at The Body Shop flagship store on Bagatalle Road, Odel at Alexandra Place, Kandy City Centre, and Colombo City Centre.

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