Engagement between the Swedish Riksdag and the Parliament of Sri Lanka to be invigorated

(LANKAPUVATH | COLOMBO) – Swedish Speaker Andreas Norlén received Sri Lanka’s Foreign Minister Ali Sabry on 15 May at the Riksdag in Stockholm during which it was agreed to invigorate the engagement between the Legislatures of the two countries.

Reflecting the values of democracy, rule of law, constitutional governance, the open economic framework nurtured in the two countries for several decades, it was agreed that these shared values are excellent foundations to make the interaction between the two countries more robust in all spheres including the important economic pillar. The Minister articulated the opportunity Sri Lanka presents for Swedish business in IT, tourism, investment, renewable energy, clean technology and manufacturing particularly as a viable destination including for supply chain stability.

Highlighting the value of closer Parliamentary interaction, the two sides agreed to actively elevate the partnership between the national Legislatures with focused engagement between respective members in areas of mutual interest, as well as exchange of high level visits. The bilateral relationship which reaches the significant milestone of 75 years could also be suitably commemorated in 2024, they concurred.

Foreign Minister Ali Sabry briefed the Swedish Speaker on the significant efforts being made in Sri Lanka’s forward economic trajectory and appreciated the Swedish support in particular and that of the Paris Club in this process. He also briefed the Speaker on the progress made in reconciliation in the country. They shared perspectives on cooperation between the regions of Europe and Asia Pacific. The Minister led Sri Lanka’s delegation to EU-Indo Pacific Ministerial Forum in Stockholm.

Associated with Speaker Andreas Norlén was Secretary General of the Riksdag Ingvar Mattson, Ambassador Andreas von Uexkull-Deputy Head of the Asia Division, and Swedish officials. Associated with Foreign Minister Ali Sabry were Sri Lanka’s Ambassador to Sweden Dharshana M. Perera, Director General of Economic Affairs Chandana Weerasena and the accompanying Sri Lanka delegation.

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