Agriculture Department seeks active support of all farmers to prevent Godavella (Spodoptera) caterpillar damage

(LANKAPUVATH | COLOMBO) –  Godavella (Spodoptera) caterpillar damage in paddy cultivation has been reported in several areas and the Department of Agriculture emphasizes that this caterpillar damage is a preventable epidemic and requires the active support of all farmers.

Accordingly, the Department of Agriculture has given following instructions to the farmers regarding the steps to be taken to avoid the damage caused by this caterpillar.

1 If possible, flood the caterpillar- infected fields with water to overflowing.
2 Establish places where birds can perch
3 If the caterpillars are at a stage where they can be destroyed by hand, then destroy them 4 Destruction of weeds in paddy fields
5 Remove the weeds on ridges and in fields and keep them clean.

Chemical management

1. Using chemicals that are considered to be environmentally friendly and with low toxicity. Chlorantraniliprole 200g/1 sc, Flubendiamide 240g/kg WG, Tebufenozide 200 g/l sc, Thiamethoxam 20%+ chlorantraniliprole 20% (w/w) WG)
2 These chemicals should be applied in the evening or after watering the fields (Liyadi)
3 Approved and recommended amounts should be applied in the application of these chemicals.
4 Approved chemical inputs should be applied at least 25 tanks per hectare.
5 Early detection of caterpillars in paddy field is important.
6 Chemicals should be applied before the caterpillar reaches stage 04 of its life cycle.

By following these instructions, the damage caused by Godavella can be avoided and the Department of Agriculture requests the farmers to always follow the instructions of the officer in charge of the agricultural projects in the area.


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